Twentieth Century Diary

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

The Diary of a Winteringham Burkill

by courtesy of Kath Smith.  Extracts by Val Peill

1st Jan
Oct 6th
Oct 16th.
Oct 26th
Nov 30th
Nov 22nd
Dec 10th
Dec 28th
Dec 29th
Dec 25th

Jan 5th
Jan 18th
Feb 11th.
Feb 14th
March 27th
April 8th
April 24th
April 28th
June 3rd
June 5th
June 2nd
June 6th
17th June
22nd June
28th June
29th June
28th June
14th July 
21st July
21st July
25th July
26th July
26th July
31st July
28th July
3rd August
7th August
10th August
10th August
12th August
15th August
1st September,
1st September
11th September,
11th September
18th September
27th September,
26th September,
29th September
2nd October
9th October
9th October
10th October
13th October
24th October
13th November
15th November
17th November
12th December
13th December
15th December
19th December
19th December
24th December
26th December

1st January
8th January
19th January
23rd January
24th January
26th January
26th January
26th January
29th January
3rd February
8th February
8th February
9th February
9th February
9th February
8th February
26th March
3rd April
5th April
17th April
18th April
20th April
2nd May
24th May
2nd June
29th June
30th June
2nd July
11th July
3rd August
4th August
20th August
3rd September
4th September
21st September
15th October
31st October


1st January
4th January
16th January
17th January
17th January
18th January
6th May
6th May
17th May
15th June
19th June
19th June
15th July
13th December
24th December
11th March
14th April
14th April
12th May
12th April
14th April
4th June
1st July
28th July
28th July
27th November
11th December
16th December
26th December

March 14th      
April 17th        
Dec 1st         
Dec 13th       

Jan 8th          
Feb 2nd        
March 8th     
March 13th    
March 24th   
June 18th      
Dec 1st       

Jan 4th        
March 1st   
March 15th  
Aug 21st    
Oct 15th    
Oct 29th    
Nov 30th    

Feb 1st      
Feb 2nd     
Feb 4th     
Feb 17th  


Jan 3rd    
Jan 3rd    
Jan 3rd    
Jan 31st  
March 6th
April 1st 2nd and 3rd
April 19th   
May 5th     
May 21st   
June 29th   
July 6th    
Oct 6th     
Oct 6th    
Oct 16th   
Oct 18th   
Oct 30th    

April 4th            
Sept 23rd          
Jan 1st             
Jan 21st           
April 29th         
June 22nd        
June 24th         
June 24th         
July 24th          
July 24th          
Aug 8th            
Aug 22nd         
Sept 15th        
Sept 17th        
Oct 17th         
Oct 16th         

March 27th     
April 7th          
May 10th      
Sept 2nd      
Nov 11th      
Nov 11th       
Dec 19th     

Feb 28th
March 4th
March 25th
March 27th
June 28th
June 28th
Aug 2nd
Sept 24th
Dec 8th

March 27th

April 29th
Aug 10th

March 6th
April 1st
April 13th
April 15th.
April 18th
May 4th
July 22nd
Oct 26th.
Dec 18th

Jan 6th
Feb 1st.
Feb 28th
March 14th.
March 14th
May 16th
Jan 9th
April 3rd
June 6th
June 27th
Sept 3rd
Sept 24th
Oct 4th
Oct 16th
Nov 3rd
Nov 13th
Nov 14th
Nov 14th
Nov 14th
Nov 24th

January 10th
January 14th
January 20th
February 17th
March 29th
April 6th
April 16th
May 3rd
May 6th
May 10th
July 17th
July 15th
August 3rd
December 11th
December 6th

February 5th
February 19th
February 24th
March 24th
April 8th
June 8th
August 5th
August 28th
September 1st
September 21st
November 20

May 3rd
May 11th
June 11th
September 16th
October 17th
November 5th
November 6th
December 2nd

January 1st
February 10th
March 1st
March 23rd
May 9th
May 31st
May 31st
May 31st
October 23rd
November 9th
November 9th
November 9th
November 16th
December 15th
December 15th
December 22nd

January 10th
January 10th
January 14th
February 9th
February 21st
April 9th
May 29th
June 12th
July 6th
July 5th
July 9th
July 28th
September 8th

March 1st  
March 8th
May   30th

April 26th
June 18th
June 24th
June 28th
July 10th
July 10th
August 26th
September 24th

March 16th
June 7th
September 15th
October 25th
October 28th

February 3rd
May 2nd
May 11th
June 30th
July 1st
August 1st
September 4th

February 1st
March 24th
March 29th
April 1st
November 16th
December 3rd
December 9th

February 27th
December 2nd

February 12th
February 13th

January 21st
July 16th
August 24th
October 31st

February 3rd
April 17th

October 8th
November 11th
November 15th
December 6th
December 6th

June 6th
July 22nd


August 17th

November 16th
May 6th
September 20th
February 6th .
May 8th
August 15th
November 23rd
December 5th
January 24th
February 6th
February 8th
February 9th
February 11th

First sod of the light railway cut by Sir B Sheffield.
Started putting Town End rails up.
Leading new mill.
Court Leet.
Reading room shut up, opened 1889.
Jabez Spencer spent night out.
Reading room opened.
Old peoples tea.
Sunday school treat.
Jabez Spencer reformed.

William Sewell removed to the Ferry Boat.
License refused on the Ferry Boat to Mr Sewell.
Killed pig
Coal dug at Tinkle mill.
Hung  bacon.
Thrasing wheat.
Church sale of work.
Waggon came home newly painted.
Jabez Spencer broke loose.
German came to live at Winteringham.
Dancing Bear at Winteringham.
Turkey eggs came.
Clipped Sheep.
Town End opened for lawn tennis.
Jabez Spencer in prison at Lincoln.
Wesleyan School treat.
Garden party at the Rectory.
Jabez Spencer returned.
Winteringham Fair Steam Horses here.
Jabez Spencer went to prison.
Black man came to live at Sergents house.
Church school treat.
Wesley Guild went to Cleethorpes
Primitive School treat.
Church Choir went to Cleethorpes.
First corn delivered into new  mill.
Garden party put off.
Started Harvest.
Garden party at the Rectory.
Hull show
New Mill chimney smoking.
Started to  lead  peas.
Fish van started to come again.
Railway men  in cliff staking lines out. went shepherding.
Got harvest in.
Punch and Judy Show at School.
sold stewing pears.
Barrs house  sold for £170.
Wesleyan Harvest Festival
Church Harvest Festival.
Started grinding at new mill.
Railway Office taken
Working overtime at new mill
Irishmen came to Winteringham (Sewells)
Court Leet
Removing plant from Thealby to Winteringham for station.
Digging foundations for station
Teetotal sold to contractor.
Taking tiles off Teetotal Row
Scunthorpe fat stock show
Brigg fat stock show
Leading barley home
Thrashing barley
Getting roof of waiting room
Christmas Eve singers came round
Ferriby band came round

Old People’s tea
Plough Jags came
Dad saw first train at Halton from Cliff
Polling day at Winteringham
Concert at Winteringham from Scunthorpe
Lowson got the ship Prince
Delivering barley to boat
Weigh bridge place finished
Packet on mud
Jabez Spencer flitting into cottages
Storm straw stack blown over
Lowson got ship into haven
Lindsey cottages all let
Scunthorpe man came to live here
Station house finished
Putting new floor into Temperance Hall
Wheat gone to London
Dad bought a self binder
Sam Leaberry taken Kempthorn’s house
Church tea and concert
Social in Free Hall
Snow storm
Railwaymen at Winteringham
Fish van at Winteringham again
Started tennis
Went to Winterton Show
Went to Winterton Sports
Sunday School treat
Primitive School treat
National School treat
Circus at Winteringham
Putting railway lines in Cliffe
First passenger train to Scunthorpe
Started to sell milk at half penny a pint
Church Harvest Festival
Reading Room opened
Making mill larger


Old peoples tea
church school treat
Wesleyan Guild
Leading barley home
First train in croft
Train in station yard.
Laying lines to Whitton.
Got a clock at station.
Rosie got Turkey eggs.
Dredging the Haven.
Thrasing Wheat.
Rosie's Turkey eggs came off.
First train came into station 2pm
Steam roller came.
First Train from Winteringham.
Pig died feeding 4 little ones.
Sold Turkeys,13lbs,12lbs,11lbs 8oz.(10180)

J Robinson's sale live stock made £890 8s 9p
Got our passage and Staircase distempered and varnished.
Finished Barley sowing.
New policeman came.
Credlend Policeman went away to Barnetby.
Taking Mr Yewdalls office down
Steam rolling down our street.
Went to Scunthorpe show.
Steam Roller went away.
Draining Water Side.
Got a Bike from Hull
Got a bike from H, Clayton cost 9 shillings.
got 100 Briquettes from Hull.
Emma Storm went to the Asylum

Turkeys started laying.
Turkeys came off.
First train to Whitton.
Election Day.

New Parson Mr Walker.
Went to Whist drive at winterton.
Turkeys started laying.
Dad sold J Cellerette.
Bought a horse at Baggott sale, Barton.
New Parson Mr Potts preached his first sermon.
Village Pump opened by Mayor Judge.

Whist drive in school room.
Coal strike.
Got a new cow.
Started cutting hay.
Got Harvest in.
Got Truck of coal.
10st Flour.

Childrens treat.
Whist drive at Ferriby.
Mrs Bratton had Triplets.
Dancing class commenced.

Mr Fields Drowned.

Bernard Colin Sutton went to York.
C Burkill went as well.
Two Beast went away.
Air raid at Scunthorpe.
Air raid at Hull.
Zeps been three nights.
Bernard C Sutton went away from his last leave.
Bernard Sutton left England for France.
Daylight saving bill.
First Areoplane came down at Winterton flying ground.
Bill Earl went away
Bill Earl went to France.
Lionel got conditional exemption.
1 truck of coal.
News that J Dodds was killed.
Marcel Whitley reported missing.

Edmund Cordeauex died.
Bill Earl killed.
Albert Green killed.
Harold Dawson killed.
Train fare up.
Donkey died.
Got a foal.
Bern Sutton wounded.
Got 1Truck of coal 8and half tons
Marcel Whitley reported killed.
Herbert Whitley drowned April 26th 1917.
Went to Winterton to see an Areoplane down.
Mill sold Mr Robinson sale.
Bernard Sutton went to France after 10 days leave.
Bill Earl killed news arrived in Winteringham,killed on 31st July.
News arrived that Albert Green was killed in August.
Got Harvest in.
New time off..
News that Harold Dawson was killed.
Mr Henry Burkill's house sold to Bob Burkill for £220,Coal yard £120,R S Waddingham.

Whist drive at Whitton.
Government Ship launched no63.
Ration Cards.
6 Turkey eggs 15/=
Mill Chimney fell.
Mill Chimney top on.
War ended at 11am (Monday)
Mrs Ascon opened the Post Office.
Turkeys sold 2/=lb 42 and half lbs

Charles Ogg died in France.
Whist drive at Malt kiln
Soldiers Tea and Social
Finished collecting eggs,collected in 4years 12,127.
Dancing Classes in Temperance Hall.
Peace Signed.
Winterton Sports.
Winteringham Sports.
Railway Strike.
Motor  Tractor on Farm.

Otters sale.
Haverlock Place £275.
Withdrawn Three Cottages £100
Parkinsons House £190
Lockwood (B Burkill) £155
H L Burkill £225
Howden £375.
4 Green Lime House £57
Block withdrawn £600
Winteringham Estate sold.
Henry Burkill bought D Brumbys House £750
Paid £218 for L H B House
Dad paid for his house

War Memorial unveiled by Mr A Patrick.
Our sale day made £11,300
Sutton,Storm and L Brumby's sale day.
Hewitt sale
Started Flitting.
Valuing on farm
Valuing the crops.
Motor Service started
Big Tide Marsh Farm flooded.

Dad took possession of his house
Got to live at Gate End House
Dad settled with Alf Simon.
Mrs Sharps house sold £370
George Handson house sold for £260.
Buses started running to New Holland.

Whist Drive with 5 Danes.
Krurrna Mr Andrew Easton and his crew went away.
Spring House sale made over £2,000.
Spring House and property sold
W. J. B Burkill bought Spring House £600..
Sluice farm put up for sale.
F Barraclough started on his house digging well.
Fencing Mr Scarborough's plot.
Court Leet at the Bay Horse.
Birkinshaw Sale day
Charles Skelton came to the Bay Horse.
Grassby Sale day.
Mill House £360.
Two Cottages£72.
Grassby's 1st £315. ( Smith Brumby bought Grassby's Houses.)
Grassby's 2nd £205.
W Altoft got a new bus

Waddinghams moved to corner shop.
New post master came to Bickles house
Railway strike
Dockers strike
New lamps at Church
Altoft new Bus
Jesse Simons went to Cliff Farm
Dad joined Co op Stores.
Ship yard closed
Mr Teal's House sold to Mr Ormand £530
Man found drowned
Got our hay stack made
Mr Charles Knowles at Winteringham
Heard Wireless
Putting Telephone in Syd Dawsons, Cox, Skeltons, Buttons, Sharmans, Mrs Sewells, J Burkills
Jim Sewell had his foot cut off.(farm accident)

Mr Potts Whist Drive
Jimmie Sewells Whist Drive made £15.
Cricket Whist Drive made £6
Hospital Whist Drive made £7 10s
Confirmation at Winteringham
Started with Co op first order
Went to Scunthorpe Exhibition
Got a pony from Brigg (Tom)
Skelton Sale Day
Skelton left Bay Horse
Pulling Maltkiln down (West End)
Building model cowsheds (Co-op)
Queen Alexandra died

Coal Strike
General Strike
Reynolds house offered for sale.  Highest bid £390.  (The Orchard West End)
Dad sold Kitchen chairs £6 10s
Cox Stacks on fire 189,000 gallons of water to put out.Scunthorpe fire engine.
Cox cow shed on fire
Coal rationed, a bag a week
Winteringham coal strike
Whist drive at school

New Blacksmith.
Old peoples tea at Loyds
Fancy Dress
Harry Bell bought Reynolds house
Started new School
Mrs Reynolds moved to Sheffield
Harry Bell moved into Reynolds house
First load of bricks came for new school
Formed Women's Institute
Mr Upton the new Parson preached at Church
Building cottages on Winterton Road
Started Co-op cottages on WInterton Road
Mr Routh motor went out of yard
PC Cresly went away
PC Cherryman came
Motor accident at Gate End

Lloyd flitted to Winterton from Bay Horse
Marshall came to Bay Horse
Foot and mouth disease at Maws farm at Roxby
Jack Howden's sale House £280,Cox, Arable field £190, Storm
Arable field £135, Co-op Parkinson bought 3 Composition £175
Dance at Temperance Hall
Leap year dance at Temperance Hall
Putting a bath in at the Bay Horse
Cutting Church trees down
First load of Church trees went away to station
Garden party at the Rectory
Opening New School
Carnival in Clark's field.
Circus in Town End.

Conformation at Winteringham.
Putting new floor in at School.
Polling day at the new School.

Amy Johnson flew to Australia in 20days.
Trip to Cleethorpes.
Pulling part of Malt Kiln down.
Co-op Gala.
Marshall's left Bay Horse.
Arthur Smith came to the Bay Horse.
Rained 26 days.
Started on the new front at Bay Horse.

Got a clock with cig coupons.
Earth quake shock.
Paid Dr Tongues bill £3 6s 6p
Poor old Dad died 9 o'clock Sunday  aged 81 years.
The day Dad was buried  Wednesday.

Hospital whist drive.
Paid King for Dad's Stone.
Got our hair cut off'
Went to Doncaster.
Winterton Show wet day.
Went to Skegness.
Henry Waddinghams Diamond Wedding.
Got our wireless set.

Waterloo took our wireless away
Wireless came back
Simons Farm sale
Furniture sale got a chair
Got our wireless licence.
Bratton and Wilson started Butchery
Paid Rates  £2 15s

First Snow Storm
Lionel got a Wireless

Body of a young man found on Humberside.
Inquest today.

Proclamation of King Edward V111
Attempt to shoot the King.
Pulling Bay Horse Barn down
New high tension battery for Wireless.

Laying turf on Bowling Green.
Mr Skipworth the Station Master went away.
Putting Electric light in
Electric light switched on

Got our Gas Masks
Got a new Wireless Set
Got the Licence.
Mr Smith left Bay Horse
Lupton came from London

5 pound Bank
Jenny Waddingham left Gate End.
War Started
Navy Men came

Dutch man came to live with us

Bomb dropped at Winteringham,made a big crater.
Building Barracks for Soldiers in Gordon Sawyers field.

Herbert Clayton sold Mill House £450 to J Parkinson.

Mr Potts took over Brays shop.
Arthur Bell took Jennies shop.
J Button bought Norwood for £860.
Bern Sutton bought Stone Lea.

Mr Baratt Station Master went to Gorton
VE Day Mr Churchill speaking at 3 o'clock.
VJ Day Victory over Japan,
Went to the Savoy.

Wendy the Goldfish died aged 9years.
Don Bells Whist Drive.
Welfare Party.

Snow Storm began, drifts on Winterton Road.
All blocked again.
No buses or mail could get through.
Bread came by light Railway.
WI cancelled during the snow.
Both Church and Chapel closed owing to snow storms and still snowing.
Trip to Leeds Pantomime cancelled.

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