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Photos spurring memories of Old Winteringham

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Modern photos of Winteringham that have inspired memories of the village in years gone by - 1

Earlsgate Farm

Earlsgate Farm

Flyer Robinson: I remember the farm as many a visit was made to where the milking  of the cows took place, being a friend of Gordon Drury who I was at school with as his brother was the chap who milked them and we would call in after lessons were over for the day. The buildings on the right of the picture that look like garages used to be where the cows were milked and the white painted building that's attached to them was where the milk was cooled before being put into churns. Strangely I do not remember where the cows were put out to graze.

Christine Hammond: We spent hours playing in that stack yard and 'helping' Tom Smith and Harry Jumps with the thrashing and feeding the animals.   I learnt to milk the cows and Tom said that I was quite a "good little milker" - rare praise indeed from Tom.  Later of course it was all done by machines but I could put these on and get them off again without spilling the milk.

I also learnt to drive the tractor in the field and had to stop and start very smoothly especially when Harry Jumps was on the bales on the trailer.  He had a rare turn of phrase if he was not pleased with the driving.

The cows were walked through the village to the grass fields - very often down Low Burgage to the Football Field or along Silver Street to 'the Black Shed'.  No one bothered about the cow pats on the road in those days!

The Orchard

The Orchard

Flyer Robinson: Passing this point daily when growing up as a young lad and living only a few yards away in the Station Masters house the scene was very different. Along the edge of the path ran a hedge separating the area that is now Orchard Drive and Low Burgage. A clue to what the land was used for previously lies in the name of the new road. The owner at that time was Mr Sutton who had a large apple orchard growing there. His house faced onto Low Burgage and behind it at right angles was a large barn where he stored most of the apples till required. This was where he gave us apples, sooner than have us scrumping them. At the end of the barn was what may have been a pig sty but was in use as a dog kennel for a large but friendly golden Labrador called Peter. The grass under the trees near the road hedge each year would become a myriad of colours as the snowdrops and crocuses that bloomed in spring followed later by daffodils. Through the orchard Mr Sutton had mowed paths that looked  more like a lawn about six feet wide that gave access to most of the trees,
All this was bound on the West and North sides by the same wall that can be seen in the picture.

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