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The Brumby Family of Winteringham

Research on this page is by Marjorie Bratton, John Collier, Rachel Cox (Scunthorpe Telegraph), Geoff Greaves (Churchwarden), Ken Jacobs, John Kirk, Marlene Walters, and Harry & Pam Wells

William Brumby, and the American Civil War

William Brumby was born in Winteringham on December 4th 1828 and baptised at Winteringham Church on December 9th 1828 by Lorenzo Grainger.  His parents were William and Anne Brumby. His father was a labourer.

[This piece from Marjorie Bratton]

William Brumby at Gettysburg

William Brumby enlisted in Company A, 2nd Battalion, 11
th Regiment, U.S. Infantry in Ogdenburg, New York on June 24th, 1862 for a term of three years. He was later transferred to Company E, 1st Battalion, 11th U.S. Infantry.

His age was given as 30 years; height 5ft. 3 inches; light complexion; blue eyes; brown hair. Occupation: Veterinary Surgeon.

His company was in action at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1st - 3rd, 1863. This was the battle that followed Robert E. Lee's invasion of the United States which he hoped would bring some of the fighting into Northern territory and enable him to turn and march on Washington. Some of his units did not arrive on time, and the Confederate forces were defeated. There were tremendous casualties. William Brumby was shot diagonally through his right hand, many bones being destroyed. The wound was infected and he was sent to the Army General Hospital at Germantown, Penn., and on to a convalescent hospital at Fort Wood, Bedloe's Island, New York.

Certificate of Honorable Service, William Brumby, Winteringham

He was discharged from the Army on January 15th or 16th, 1864 at Fort Independence, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts.

The certificate above gives details of his honourable discharge. These are the words on the certificate as currently made out:

“Certificate of Honorable Service

To all Whom it May Concern
That whereas William Brumby of Washington District of Columbia has applied for a Certificate of Honorable Service

This is to certify that the aforesaid William Brumby was enlisted on the 24th day of June, one thousand eight hundred and sixty two, E Battalion, 11th Regiment of US Infantry to serve 3 years was discharged on surgeon's certificate of disability on the 15th day of January 1864, at Fort Independence Mass [achusetts] while holding the grade of private, and serving honorably in the military service of the United States.

This Certificate is given in the case of discharged soldiers upon evidence that the original discharge has been lost or destroyed without the ............ of the person entitled thereto, and in all cases upon the condition imposed by ..... that it shall not be accepted as a voucher for the payment of any claim against............... allowance or as evidence in any other case

From the Adjutant General's Office, 8th July 1886 [signed] Assistant Adjutant General”

In 1866 he seems to have been living in Canton, Lawrence County, New York. In 1879 he was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 1884 he was in hospital in Washington, D.C. and was discharged as fit and able to take care of himself in about 1887.

He returned to England at about that time.

Census extract 1891
By the time of the 1891 Census, he was living with the family of George Brumby, in West End. The details of the family from the certificate are: George Brumby aged 53, a farmer, Mary A Brumby his wife aged 37, Marshall Brumby (19) the farmer’s son, and Julia Brumby the 16 year old daughter.  William is listed as a boarder, aged 62 and a United States Pensioner.

William married Jane Robinson at Winteringham Church on 13th November 1892.  At the time of their marriage, William was 63 and Jane was 35.


In 1899, William’s pension from the United States amounted to the handsome sum of $30 a month.

Census extract 1901

By the time of the next census in 1901, William, now 72 years old, had married Jane (44), and they had had three children - William (7), Martha Ann (5) and Mary (2). They later had another son.

Taking the Waters, Winteringham

Brumby family, Winteringham

We are given a tantalising glimpse of part of William’s family in a post card photographed in the early years of the 20th century. The card “Taking the Waters” is featured in full on another page of this website (click here to see it), with the Brumbys in the background, indicated here by the red line.  The above picture has been scanned directly off the postcard at very high resolution by Peter Jamieson - giving every detail that it is possible to gain from the original - and shows Jane Brumby , Martha Ann and William.  The post card shows us where the Brumbys lived. Though the Census tells us it was in West End - at that time the generic name covering all of the roads now known as West End, Marsh Lane, Western Green, Meggitts Lane, Shoemaker’s Lane - we now know that they lived in the (then four-roomed) house facing on to Marsh Lane, and almost opposite the end of Western Green.

William died in late May 1915, aged 86 and was buried in Winteringham churchyard on the final day of that month, with the service being conducted by Edwards Burns the curate of Alkborough cum Whitton.
Winteringham Burial register 1915

Jane died in late 1929, aged 72 years, and the Rev Upton officiated.
Winteringham Burial Register 1929
We know of no headstone to either William or his wife, though Marjorie Bratton knows that one of his sons was buried in the corner of the churchyard, and there is a possibility that William, and possibly Jane were buried somewhere close to that spot.

Note: In 1901 there were no fewer than five William Brumbys in the village, and the churchyard does have a headstone for a William Brumby.  That though is not this William Brumby.


Widow's pension

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