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The Winteringham B M D records have helped to define some of these families, but more detailed information is now desirable to complete the study.
Earlier than this Splayfoot and its variants came to Winteringham via Burton upon Stather and Alkborough. The earliest families may have lived in Barton on Humber from about 1550.
The descendants of George Playfoot of Winteringham, and Mary Gunson of Winterton, (births circa 1800) have recently been thoroughly researched. The family of Thomas Splayfoot and Ann Beacock, of similar dates (although which of two Ann Beacock is not known) of Winteringham and Wrawby has also been partly researched.
Both of these families intercept with different branches of the Gunson family of Winterton, and it is clarification of their Playfoot ancestry that is baffling, partly due to the gaps during these periods in both the IGI and Winteringham B M D records.
I will be pleased to collaborate with anyone who has an interest in understanding the Playfoot/Splayfoot families that inhabited Winteringham during the period 1700 -1800 and beyond.
Alan Gunson

The Gunson Society is grateful to the Winteringham website for helping us to understand the history of the Gunson families living in the village from 1700 to 1850. But questions remain:

Anne Westoby was 33 when she married John Gunson on 8 May 1722. Was this the same John Gunson who also married Susanna Anyan 14 years later on 1 June 1736?
Anyan is an unusual surname which appears occasionally in West Halton and Winterton and Scawby.  Does anyone have more information on this family?

The Mary Gunson born 27 April 1737 was the daughter of John and Susanna
Gunson. She married John Briggs 25 January 1764 aged 27.

Sarah Gunson married John Sargant 26 September 1799 aged 27. What family
did they have?

Mary and Sarah Gunson were probably daughters of Thomas Gunson and Ann
Holegate of West Halton. In the Winteringham graveyard are two graves: "the
body of Ann Gunson who died May 11th 1792 aged 50 years. Also on the
south side Thomas Gunson her son who died May 2nd  1792 aged 18 years."

Inquest at Winteringham 1st May 1793 on the body of Thomas Gunson,
accidentally suffocated and drowned at Winteringham Haven, 29th April last. Does this mean 29th April 1792 or 1793?

Thomas who drowned may have been Tommy Gunson born 17th May 1774 also the son of Thomas Gunson and Ann Holgate married 6th January 1767  of West Halton. Was this Thomas Gunson born 1742 and buried Winteringham 1828 aged 86 the husband of Ann?

The Mary Gunson, buried at Winteringham 2 May 1851 stated to be 95 in Winteringham 1761 - 1871 will be Mary, the widow of Thomas and mother of daughters Dinah (1805) and Mary (1806). We need to know more about their parents Thomas and
Mary.  If we knew Mary's maiden name we might find the correct birth year
in the registers. It is doubtful she was 95 as is shown. She was only 80 in
1841. Maybe she was about 60 in 1830. So, she was probably born
between 1756 and 1770.

The Gunson Family History Society holds extensive records for Gunson families
world-wide, including those for Lincolnshire, and particularly those for Winterton, but there are gaps for Winteringham families. Can anyone help to fill in the gaps please?

Anyone seeking information on any Gunson family history is welcome to contact
Alan Gunson of the Gunson Society at

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