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James Knott (right)

James Knott (snr) (right) who was born in Winteringham and fought in the Boer war.
Photograph courtesy of Chris Butler

Chris Butler writes:

My maternal grandfather James Knott (pictured above) was born 1872 or 1873 in Winteringham.  He served in the Boer war.  He later became a lighterman along with his father Christopher and brother Frederick.

I hardly knew my grandad as he died a few months after I was born but it would be great to find some information of the Knott family, or if anyone knew the family could they please post some information about them?

Christopher Knott (1842-1899) was born in Brigg and married Elizabeth Drewery (1839-1896). The Drewerys were all from Winteringham. Elizabeth's father John (1800-1863) married Sarah Welch (b. 1806) in 1826 in Winteringham. Somewhere along the line the families link to the Westobys and John Scarborough, whom, I believe, was a prominent figure in Winteringham.

The following is from the 1881 census of Hull, showing the boats in the docks at the time of the census. The Knott family were on a boat called the “Blanche.” The spellings are as per the census.

Christopher KNOTT M 39 M Brigg, Lincoln, England Water Man
Elisebeth KNOTT M 42 F Winteringham, Lincoln, England Wife
Christopher KNOTT U14 M Winteringham, Lincoln, England Water Man
James KNOTT U 8 M Winteringham, Lincoln, England Son
Joseph KNOTT U 6 M Hull, York, England Son
Blanche KNOTT U 4 F Hull, York, England Daur
Jonas KNOTT U 1 M Hull, York, England Son


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