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Fontenay le Marmion

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Fontenay le Marmion

Fontenay le Marmion, ancient wall

This ancient stone wall among the trees appears to be on an earthwork, surrounded by a low area, possibly a moat.  Could this by any chance be the ancient home of the Marmions?

Fontenay le Marmion, Mairie

The Mairie at Fontenay le Marmion

Fontenay le Marmion, bar tabac

The bar-tabac at Fonteany le Marmion is almost opposite the Mairie.  The “presse” sign indicates that it sells newspapers and magazines too.

Fontenay le Marmion, twinning

Fontenay le Marmion is twinned with Chudleigh in Devon.  The people of Chudleigh presented this British letter box to Fontenay as a sign of their twinning and friendship.

Fontenay le Marmion, Fleurs

The Flower Shop

Fontenay le Marmion, War memorial 1

Fontenay le Marmion, War Memorial 2

Fontenay le Marmion, War Memorial 3

The Fontenay le Marmion war memorial

Fontenay le Marmion, War Memorial 4

Fontenay le Marmion was liberated by the Canadians on 7th and 8th August 1944, following some of thge most bitter fighting of the war at nearby Caen.

Fontenay le Marmion, School

The school at Fontenay le Marmion.

Fontenay le Marmion, stained glass




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