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Name Index - I & J

This index brings together the names listed in the censuses (1841, 1851, 1861, 1901), various directories, and the Parish Registers.

NB: The names are listed as spelt in the above documents, and therefore one person may have more than one spelling of their name.

NB: Names in the marriage registers include fathers of the bride and groom, and witnesses, and therefore some names appear in marriage registers more than once.

Inger, Elizabeth Ann, Census 1861
Ingram, Anne, Baptism 1831-1840
Ingram, Geoffrey, Baptism 1831-1840
Ingram, Jane, Baptism 1821-1830
Ingram, Sarah, Baptism 1831-1840
Ingram, William, Baptism 1821-1830
Ingram , William, Baptism 1831-1840
Ingrham, Harriet, Census 1851
Ingrham, Harriot, Census 1841
Ingrham, Jane, Census 1841
Ingrham, Jane, Census 1841
Ingrham, Jane, Census 1861
Ingrham, Thomas, Census 1841
Ingrham, Thomas, Census 1851
Ingrham, Thomas, Census 1861
Irland, Johanna, Census 1841
Irland, Maria, Census 1841


Jackson, Charles, Census 1861
Jackson, Charles, Post Office Directory 1861
Jackson, Charles, Post Office Directory 1868
Jackson, Charles, White's Directory 1856
Jackson, Charles H, Census 1861
Jackson, Harriet, Census 1861
Jackson, Jane, Census 1851
Jackson, Louisa, Census 1861
Jackson, Mary, Census 1851
Jackson, Mary, Census 1861
Jackson, Mary A, Census 1861
Jackson, Sarah, Census 1861
Jackson, William, Census 1851
Jackson, William, Census 1861
Jacques, Emma, Marriage 1861-1870
Jacques, Hannah, Census 1861
Jacques, Henry, Census 1861
Jacques, Jane, Baptism 1821-1830
Jacques, Louisa, Census 1861
Jacques, Sarah, Census 1861
Jacques, Walter, Census 1861
Jakson, Mary, Census 1841
Jakson, William, Census 1841
James, Ann, Census 1851
James, Ann, White's Directory 1842
James, John, Census 1841
Jamieson, F., Marriage 1901-1910
Jamieson, John, Marriage 1901-1910
Jamieson, John, Marriage 1901-1910
Jamieson, William, Marriage 1861-1870
Jane Day, Robert, Marriage 1901-1910
Jaques, Henry, Census 1861
Jaques, Henry, Post Office Directory 1861
Jaques, Henry, White's Directory 1856
Jaques, William, Census 1851
Jarves, Frances, Census 1901
Jarvill, Mary, Marriage 1871-1880
Jarvis,  Rebecca Eleanor, Baptism 1881-1890
Jarvis, Ann Elizabeth, Baptism 1871-1880
Jarvis, Annie, Census 1901
Jarvis, Dinah, Census 1851
Jarvis, Dinah, Census 1861
Jarvis, Dinah, Marriage 1881-1890
Jarvis, Elizabeth, Baptism 1881-1890
Jarvis, Elizabeth, Census 1901
Jarvis, Frances, Marriage 1901-1910
Jarvis, Frances, Marriage 1901-1910
Jarvis, George Edward, Baptism 1881-1890
Jarvis, George Thomas, Baptism 1861-1870
Jarvis, Harry, Baptism 1881-1890
Jarvis, Henry, Census 1851
Jarvis, Henry, Census 1861
Jarvis, James, Census 1861
Jarvis, James, Marriage 1891-1900
Jarvis, Jane, Marriage 1871-1880
Jarvis, Jane E, Census 1901
Jarvis, Jane P, Census 1861
Jarvis, John, Census 1901
Jarvis, John, Marriage 1871-1880
Jarvis, John, Marriage 1881-1890
Jarvis, John Henry, Baptism 1871-1880
Jarvis, Lilly, Baptism 1881-1890
Jarvis, Mary, Census 1901
Jarvis, Mary, Marriage 1881-1890
Jarvis, Robert, Census 1901
Jarvis, Robert, Marriage 1901-1910
Jarvis, Sarah, Census 1851
Jarvis, Sarah, Marriage 1871-1880
Jarvis, Sarah A, Census 1861
Jarvis, Thomas, Census 1851
Jarvis, Thomas, Marriage 1871-1880
Jenny, Christopher, Census 1851
Jervis, Ann, Census 1841
Jervis, Edmond, Census 1841
Jervis, Elizabeth, Census 1841
Jervis, Mary, Census 1841
Jervis, Thomas, Marriage 1891-1900
Jervis, William, Census 1841
Jervis Or Jarrvis, Dinah, Marriage 1861-1870
Jervis Or Jarvis, Elizabeth Anne, Baptism 1821-1830
Jervis Or Jarvis, George , Baptism 1821-1830
Jillott, John, Post Office Directory 1861
Johnson, Mary, Census 1841
Johnson, Mary , Baptism 1831-1840
Johnson, Samuel, Post Office Directory 1861
Johnson, Stephen, Marriage 1881-1890
Johnson, William, Census 1851
Judge, Charles, Census 1841
Judge, Charles, Census 1841
Judge, Charles, Census 1851
Judge, Charles, Census 1851
Judge, Charles, Census 1861
Judge, Charles, Post Office Directory 1861
Judge, Charles, White's Directory 1842
Judge, Charles, White's Directory 1856
Judge, Joseph, Census 1851
Judge, Martha, Census 1851
Judge, Mary, Census 1841
Judge, Mary, Census 1851
Judge, Mary, Census 1851
Judge, Mary A, Census 1861
Judge, Mary A, Census 1861
Judge, Robert, Census 1841
Judge, Robert, Census 1851
Judge, Robert W, Census 1861
Judge, Sarah, Census 1851
Judge, Sarah A, Census 1861
Judge, Stephen, Marriage 1881-1890
Judge, William, Census 1851
Judge, William, Census 1861
Jumps, John, Census 1851




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