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Walter Burkill Funeral Report

3rd June 1906

People mentioned in the above report:

Mr & Mrs T Burkill (son & daughter in law), Winteringham
Mr & Mrs H Barley (daughter & son-in-law), Grasby
Mr & Mrs T Clark (daughter & son-in-law), Bonby
Mr & Mrs S Burkill (son & daughter in law), Barton
Mrs V Cox, (daughter) Grimsby
Mr & Mrs J Burkill (son & daughter in law), Hull
Miss Edna Burkill, (daughter)
Mr Walter Burkill (son)
Miss Muriel Burkill (daughter)
Miss Doughty (cousin) Barton
Mr T Balme (nephew) Hull
Mrs Stainton (niece) Cottingham
Mr & Mrs J Jarvis (brother-in-law, sister-in-law) Swanland
Mr & Mrs E Thompson (nephew & niece) Barton
Mr & Mrs R Frank (nephew & niece)
Mrs Edwards (niece) Barton
Mrs W Jarvis (nephew) Winteringham

Other Mourners
Mrs Green, Miss Burkill, Mr & Mrs Harris (Brigg), Mr Rollett (Rotherham), Mr G Waddingham (Winteringham), Mr C Jackson (Hull), Mr & Mrs G Walton, Mr & Mrs H Howell, Mr T A Denby, C.C. Barrow, Mr W Lawtey (Winteringham), Mr Fred Clark, Mr Hy Clark, Mr W Melton, Mr A Butler, Mr Herbert Clark, Mr H Andrew, Mrs Huteson, Mrs Gray, Mrs Blanchard, Mr A Kitchen, Mrs F Simons, Mr F Holland, Mr T Frank, Mr & Mrs G Bullivant, Mr H Bullivant, Mr E Earle, Mrs G Revill, Mr T Jackson (Barton).

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Martha Elizabeth Burkill

Martha Elizabeth Burkill (b 1858, who married John Balme, moved to Hull, and is my great-grandmother)

Sarah Ann Shaw Elizabeth and possibly Dinah

This photograph, dated September 1918, is almost certainly of three daughters of Peter and Charlotte Shaw. there was a fourth daughter, Emma, who died in 1869, aged 17. The person seated is Sarah Ann Shaw, born about 1831, who married Thomas Burkill and is my direct ancestor. She died in 1923. Her grave is in Winteringham churchyard; the headstone, including two children and her husband, who predeceased her by around 36 years, has been (very helpfully) transcribed. I believe the one standing on the right is her sister, Elizabeth, born about 1842, who married George Doughty, was widowed after a few years, and then married William Ellerby. She had two children, one of whom, Sarah Jane, was known as "Aunty Sally" to later generations and was one of the mourners of Walter Burkill; the image is just as I recollect Aunty Sally, whom I would have known when she was the age of the person in the photograph - that is my reason for identifying her. She died in Barton-on-Humber in 1926. The other sister was Dinah; she boarded with Elizabeth at one time, when both were dressmakers (as was Aunty Sally). Dinah married John Thompson, in Wakefield, when she was 45. She later lived in Bridlington, where she died in 1921.

Burkills Four GenerationsTo see a large copy of this photograph, click the photo, or click here.

Dinah Shaw

I was intigued by the Burkill photos since in my Mother's papers there were identical copies.

My mother was  the Edna Mary Burkill in the funeral report on Walter Burkill and her papers also include the disbursements to the beneficiaries under his will. There is an additional photo of the lady on the right identified by my Mother as Dinah with a boy unnamed (see attached).As I understood it these are the daughters of Peter and Charlotte Shaw (copy of marriage certificate attached).Sarah Jane Doughty whom I knew in Barton as Aunty Sally was the daughter of Elizabeth who had married first a Doughty and then an Ellerby. In Aunty Sally's will( I have a copy ) all the names of Ellerby,Marsh, BalmeBoult and Mulhall are listed as beneficiaries together with Louisa Burkill Stainton. I did not know how the family trees interlinked so your excellent web site has filled in some gaps
John R Bosnell

Peter Shaw Charlotte Glover
Burkills Post Card
Reverse of Burkills Post Card

Town End House
Dear Rose,
We received your P.C. this afternoon and was pleased you got the things alright.  We also had a letter from Broughton this morning.  I shall not be able to get to the fair. Emma Ogg & Mary have gone to Grimsby today until Tuesday so I shall be a bit lonely. N is writing to L. Driffill this afternoon. Mother Mrs Driffill and all send their best love to you with much love from myself Florrie Burkill

[Along the bottom] We have not been to West Halton yet.

[On centre line at 180 to main writing] Thought you would like this P.C.

[Half penny stamp, franked Winteringham 5:45 pm, Oc(tober) 7, (19)05]

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