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Newmarch Family Tree

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The Newmarch family originated from Neuf Marche near Rouen in France.  To locate the village on a map, find Rouen, then Gournay, approximately 50 kms to the east. Neuf Marche is 7 kms south of Gournay on the road towards Gisors.

Bernard de Novo Mercato (or Bernard Newmarch)

(half brother of William the Conqueror)


(2) Neste

(1) Agnes


Ralph married Maria

Mahel        Sybil m Miles Fitzwaller

Phillip obsp

Earl of Hereford   d 1143

Adam m Lady Adelina of Whatton (Notts)

William m Isabel             Henry (1151-1178) m Denise                                           Adam

Ralph  Jordan                  Adam (d 1247) m Margerita  

 William   Henry        James (d 1216)

Johnobsp               Robert                 Henry                Williamobsp       Isabel m Ralph Russell

Adam m Joan                           Sir Adam m Elizabeth de Mowbray Hawyes m

1 John de Botreaux 2 Nicholas de Moels

Eva m Robert Tibetot Adam m Elisabeth de Mowbray                     Henry m Dionysia Odo de Tilli

John m Amicitia   Roger m Elisabeth Blomster         Thomas m Lora Gumbard           Adam

Roger Womersley S Yorks                         Thomas m Hawyse

Adam m Agnes Fitzwilliam

Sir Hugh knight m ‘Alina’ Bella Aqua

Robert m Emma Rolston

Ralph d1403 Battle of Shrewsbury m Elizabeth of Whatton Thomas Lord of Whatton m Juliana Annesley

Robert m Joanna Shelley     Hughobsp   Thomas of Nottingham     Elizabeth                           Thomasobsp

Elizabeth m John Neville

Sir Robert Newmarch of Winteringham 1481

Joanna Neville m Sir William Gascoigne

Sir William Gascoigne m Margeret Percy of Third Earl of Northumberland

Sir William (2nd) m Alicia Frognall (2) Margeret Neville

Sir William (3rd) m Margeret Fitzwilliam

Sir William (4th) m Beatrix Tempest

Margeret m Thomas Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse

Sir William Wentworth m Anne Atkinson

Johnobsp             Thomas 2nd m Arabella Hollies daughter of Earl of Clare                   William                  George & others

Created Baron Wentworth Newmarch & Earl of Strafford 13 April 1593 to 12 May 1641 (beheaded)


W Andrew mentions the Newmarch family in his book “The History of Winterton and Surrounding Villages” (1836) which is available on this site, by clicking here.  Note that there are two distinct mentions - the first is of the Lords of the Manor, and the second is of the Rector Henry Newmarch (Curate: 1833-1835)

For Newmarch information not relating to Winteringham, click here.

For the Reverend Henry Newmarch, please click here.

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