Winteringham Marriages 1611-1620

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Parish Registers - Marriages from 1611 to 1620

The Registers on this page were kindly transcribed by Kay Ashberry & Val Peill

The transcription team:
Kay Ashberry
Chris Knowles
Val Peill

Entries placed in chronological order.  Each year is demarcated with a new line of titles.

Important explanatory note!
Before 1752, the Feast of the Annunciation celebrated on March 25th, marked the first day of the year, or what we would call New Year’s Day, in the Julian Calendar.  Since 1752, we have used the Gregorian Calendar, with New Year’s Day being on 1st January.  The years in the Winteringham Parish Register transcribed here fall within the Julian Calendar, hence the years start on March 25th, and end twelve months later on March 24th.  At the end of each year, the Registers were signed by the Rector and Churchwardens ... see these in the column headed ‘Notes’
For a further explanation, see the entry for ‘Lady Day’ in Wikipedia by clicking here.

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19th May
28th July
5th Feb

17th May
8th June
27th Sept
12th Nov

1st June
10th Oct
17th Oct
1st Nov
21st Dec
23rd Dec
23rd Feb

3rd April
15th May
26th June
11th July
11th Nov

7th May
6th Aug
13th Aug
27th Aug
27th Jan
28th Jan

30th April
1st July
4th Oct
1st Dec

14th July
3rd Nov
28th Jan
6th Feb

31st May
20th Aug
5th Nov
8th Nov
22nd Nov
25th June

31st March
2nd May
30th May
7th June
13th June
10th Oct
7th Nov

1st Nov
29th Nov

John Sharpe
Edward Roberte
John Weatherall
John Frearer
Robert Willsone
George Hill
Francis Walker
Edward Harrieson
Richard Hunter
Bartholomewe Waddingham
William Chressie
Thomas Dunkine
Christop Hutchinsone
Christopher Tayler
Adeoaqus Forman
? ?
William Linley
Frances Thurley
Joshias Hone
Richard Porter
Robert Atkinsone
Ann Sawer
Gilbert Shawe
Thomas Wilkinson
Alexander Storme
William Clarvis
Peter Wentworth
Thomas Rudhill
Nicholas Brasshawe
Francis Thurley
Edward Buthey
Thomas Sharpe
Robert Jeffesone
William Shanckster
Robert Webster
Robert Wilson
Thomas Hootham
Thomas Becke
George Marcham
Nicholas Dewty
George Lee
Robert Crowther
William Jeffesone
Michaell Roniger?
Thomas Korman  (Pson?)
Richard Ruslinge
John Smith
John Pattison
George Sutton
John Walker

Isabell Mitchell
Katherine Shawe
Alice Watsone

Alice Jeffesone
Alice Pinder
Bridgett Hobson
Elizabeth Willmson
Marye Willmson
Elizabeth Willson
Jaine Chamberlaine
Ursuloy? Trusedalle
Francis Portington
Elizabeth Mitchell
Margarie Jeffeson
Margarert Welshe
Elizabeth Dickeson
Katherine Mitchell
Elizabeth Hutchinson
Elizabeth Forman
Agnes Sutton
Isabell Empson
Elizabeth Linley
Margret Williamson
Elizabeth Forman
Anne Thorneton
Agnes Duncking
Agnes Fendowning
Margerie Dunderdale
Elizabeth Wintringham
Marye Shipley
Margret Jobson
Alice Sheaenson?
Agnes Harriesone
Agnes Pasgod
Elizabeth Maultbie
Elizabeth ?
Katherine Fillingham
? Frier
Isabele Hunter
Elizabeth Andrew
Katherine Plashall
Rebecca Baldwin*
Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Bouton
Jane Basten
Francis Clapman
Elline Pageat
Rebecca Walker
Katherine Clarvis
Johan Edwarde


*Of Winterton






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