Winteringham Marriages 1621-1630

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Parish Registers - Marriages from 1621 to 1630

The Registers on this page were kindly transcribed by Kay Ashberry & Val Peill

The transcription team:
Kay Ashberry
Chris Knowles
Val Peill

Entries placed in chronological order.  Each year is demarcated with a new line of titles.

Important explanatory note!
Before 1752, the Feast of the Annunciation celebrated on March 25th, marked the first day of the year, or what we would call New Year’s Day, in the Julian Calendar.  Since 1752, we have used the Gregorian Calendar, with New Year’s Day being on 1st January.  The years in the Winteringham Parish Register transcribed here fall within the Julian Calendar, hence the years start on March 25th, and end twelve months later on March 24th.  At the end of each year, the Registers were signed by the Rector and Churchwardens ... see these in the column headed ‘Notes’
For a further explanation, see the entry for ‘Lady Day’ in Wikipedia by clicking here.

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17th April
6th May
3rd June
7th Feb

21st May
29th Aug
10th Nov
28th Nov

24th April
20th Oct

John Hilbert
George Albie
John Duddinge
William Thorneton
Mathew Younge
Henry Richardson
Gervase Oyle
John Lindley
Thomas Mitchel
Richard Fowler

Margret Harrieson
Jaine Sutton
Isable Duke
Katherine Lee
Dorithie Jackson
Anne Holy
Elizabeth Moore
Susan Luddington
Isable Hootham
Elizabeth Pallison





Thomas Rainbowe was instituted to the Parsonage of Winteringham October 7th 1623.
The following rhyme appears on the following pages.
William Walker
Edward Snowden His booke God give him gaurd on it to looke and when he dies
Then ring the bell take his booke and use it well    dated 1680
(Three  passsages are found on the next page, two are unreadable but the second is partly readable)

Edward Yorke was admited to read praiers for? the dead and church women after
childbirth.  15th October Ano 1611.   Witnesses Thomas Forman Rector,
Christopher Hutchinson Church Warden William Foster Appariton
The register begins again presumably with burials 1625

Missing: 1624 and part of 1625


19th April
23rd April
6th May
8th May
16th June

8th April
2nd June
13th June
11th July
24th July
15th Aug
18th Oct
7th Nov
12th Nov

12th May
14th May
28th Oct
9th Nov

12th Aug
2nd March

29th April
8th July
12th Oct
18th Oct
28th Oct
24th Nov

John Hilbard
Robert Smith
Robert Norton?
Christopher Bennington
John Fouton
William Shankster
Thomas Lyon
Robert Rotheram
Anthony Jackson
Robert Slater
Wil.Liam Lindley
Thomas Cresey
Robert Saunderson
Andrew Shankster
George Mitchell
Edward Snowdaile
Edward Wilkinson
Thomas Shangster
Edward Cook
John Wellson
Anthoine Moore
William Stevenson
John Foster
Willam Goodwoth
Andrew Tayler
Robert Walker

Grace Mauson
Elizabeth Bainton
Susan Pirkwell
Joan Harrison
Alice Walker
Anne Foster
Elizabeth Spetch
Sara Goodwin
Elizabeth Mitchell
Cerily Gearing
Margret Mitchell
Isabell Wintrinham
Mary Page
Margeret Boothby
Jane Moharleton?
Catherine Gowthorpe
Isabell Tayler
Martha Norton
Anne Mitchell
Frances Rainbow
Anne Mitchell
Alice Agrie
Ruth Weatherall
Isabell Hall
Ellen Empson
Gillian Warde


Thomas Rainbow Rector
Matthew Geere Churchwarden
John Fowler Churchwarden

Thomas Rainbow Rector
Gervis Oule Churchwarden
George Hilbard Churchwarden

Thomas Rainbow Rector
Thomas Stevenson Churchwarden
Richard Hunter Churchwarden






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