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Monumental Inscriptions © Chris Knowles 2006

All Saints' Churchyard
Winteringham, Lincolnshire

About 2004 I started a project to transcribe all the inscriptions on the graves and other monuments in and around Winteringham church.  This is not the first time this task has been undertaken but I was aware that by making repeated visits in different lighting conditions and by comparing results with other sources of information, including previous transcriptions, a local resident should be able produce a more complete and accurate version than could be achieved by a series of quick visits which concentrated mainly on the recording the main facts which are of value to the family historian.  I have therefore found myself going down to the church on numerous odd occasions and often returning with only a couple of records to add to the slowly growing number assembled on my computer.  This work is still some way from being completed but I have now finished the main work on the old part of the churchyard and this seems a good time to start making it available for the use of others.

Apart from a tenuous connection by marriage with the Waddinghams, I have no family connections with Winteringham.  However I have been working on the history of my own family (spasmodically - like many of my other activities) for over thirty years. In that quest I have benefited hugely in recent years from genealogical information now available on the internet, some of which is available free of charge or at modest cost.  By offering the results of my own work in the village to the Winteringham website I hope I am in a small way repaying the kind service provided to me by others in the past as well as making a modest contribution towards the growth of genealogical information freely available in this form.

There are now many websites which provide family historians with easily available materials for their own researches.  All are different but there is one which I think is outstanding.  When working on the history of my mother's family in Derbyshire I have made extensive use of John Palmer's "One Place Study" of Wirksworth which can be seen at Here are vast amounts of information concerning the town of Wirksworth and extending to the surrounding villages which only the most dedicated family historian would ever get access to by other means during a single lifetime. If this example could be spread to other areas we would be rich indeed!Row of Gravestones, Winteringham Church

Chris Knowles,
Winteringham, Lincolnshire

The yard surrounding Winteringham church is not especially large, being approximately ... acres in area including the comparatively modern extension to the west of the original enclosure. It would appear that at the beginning of the twentieth century it was seen necessary to enlarge the area available for burials and part of the field west of the church and north of the rectory garden was enclosed for use as an extension to the churchyard.  The Winteringham register of burials records that the new plot was consecrated on 18th February 1913 but that the first burial did not take place there until the following January.

The churchyard has the advantage of not having been seriously "tidied" in modern times and a wealth of eighteenth and nineteenth century memorials remains. Although control of the vegetation surrounding the irregularly placed and leaning monuments is less easy than it would be if the gravestones had been cleared away, there is pleasure and much information to be gained from a churchyard which has largely retained its traditional character. That said, a small number of headstones appear to have been taken up or fallen down in the past and are now found propped loosely in various parts of the churchyard.  Some kerbs have also been taken up.

A small proportion of the headstones and at least two inscribed kerbs are no longer in the ground and are to be found leaning against walls or other headstones. A similarly small number of in situ memorials have inscriptions which are now so weathered as to be almost, or completely illegible. Otherwise it was found that a surprising number of memorials at Winteringham retain inscriptions which are completely readable, or almost so. In a number of instances transcriptions from the monuments have been checked against other records in the church, a process which has revealed some interesting discrepancies in a few instances.  This process is ongoing and it is my hope to update and add to the following list as work continues.


Inscriptions are transcribed using the original spelling, but with lower case letters and conventional use of capitals.

Roman typeface has been used for the transcribed monumental inscriptions, italics for the epitaphs and descriptions of other features of the monument.

Punctuation appears in the transcript where it occurs in the inscriptions but, in many instances, the punctuation used by the mason has been converted into normal, current usage. Many monuments for example employ stops where we would use commas and I have taken the liberty of making that conversion in the transcription.

Oblique strokes indicate the end of each line of inscription.

Personal names have been put into bold type for emphasis.

Curly brackets { } have been used to distinguish those parts of the inscriptions which are now missing or illegible but for which the original text may be deduced by the context. The same brackets have been placed around descriptions of carved motifs within the area of the inscription.

Readings contained within square brackets have been determined by reference to sources such as the Winteringham burial registers and a record of the inscriptions made in 1990.

Round brackets indicate the use of brackets in the original inscription.

Some memorials carry the name of the monumental mason who carved them.  Masons' names are usually found inscribed on the edges or near the bases of some of the monuments; when they have been found, such names are recorded here after a brief description of the monument itself.

Please be aware that, although my aim is to be complete and accurate in every respect, I realise that I am as capable as anyone of making errors and omissions.  I should be very grateful therefore to learn of any improvements or corrections which could be made so that the transcripts are of greater benefit to others.

SECTION A: Between Meggitt Lane and the east wall of the chancel; starting from the east and following the rows from south to north.

SECTION B: South of the church and north of the path; starting at the east end of the chancel, following rows from south to north, and ending at the church porch

SECTION C: South of the main pathway to the church porch, starting from the east

SECTION D: West of the path to the church from the former rectory and south of the route to the churchyard extension, starting from the east

SECTION E: North of the church beginning at a line running north from the east end of the chancel and continuing west to a line running north from the west face of the tower.

SECTION F: North of the path from the church porch to the churchyard extension, starting on the west side of the porch and including the area to the west of the church tower

Index to the Monumental Inscriptions

The letters and numbers at the right of each name indicate the Section, and the number of the memorial in this survey. Hence, for Hannah Allison, go to the page named Section D and find memorial number 175 on that page, or double click on the name.


Adam, Catherine, D205
Adam, Elizabeth, D205
Adam, Elizabeth, D205
Adam, Henry, D205
Adam, Susanna, D205
Adam, Thomas, D205

Allison, Hannah, D175
Allison, Richard, D175

Anderson, Maude Campbell, E320
Armstrong, / Linda M, D144
Ashley, Jemima, E254
Ashley, William, E254

Ashton, Ann, F366
Ashton, John William, F366
Ashton, Robert, F366

Atkinson, John, F349
Atkinson, Sarah, F349


Baker, Adelaide Eliza, E303
Baker, George, E303

Barnett, Eliza, D174
Barnett, Elizabeth, D218
Barnett, Elizabeth, D218
Barnett, Hercules, D218

Barnett, James, D174
Barnett, Joseph, D174

Barnett, Thomas, D218
Barratt, Alice, E271
Barratt, Alice, F362
Barratt, Amos, A7
Barratt, Ann, A38
Barratt, Ann, F425
Barratt, Anne, A39
Barratt, Arabella, F399
Barratt, Charles Arthur, A4
Barratt, Dearing, D164
Barratt, Edward, A40
Barratt, Edward Hardy, E272
Barratt, Elizabeth Anne, E274
Barratt, Emily, F353
Barratt, George, F399
Barratt, Hannah, E264
Barratt, Hardy, A38
Barratt, Hardy, A38

Barratt, Hardy, A39
Barratt, Hardy, A39

Barratt, Isabella, F348
Barratt, Isabella, F362
Barratt, James, A39
Barratt, James, E274
Barratt, John, A4
Barratt, John, A38
Barratt, John, E271
Barratt, John, E272
Barratt, John, F425
Barratt, John Thomas, E272
Barratt, John William, F362
Barratt, Lydia, A7
Barratt, Mary, A39
Barratt, Mary Harrison, E274
Barratt, Sarah, A4
Barratt, Sarah, A7
Barratt, Sarah, D164
Barratt, Sarah, E271
Barratt, Sarah, E272
Barratt, Thomas, F348
Barratt, Thomas, F362
Barratt, William, D164
Barratt, William, E264
Beacock, Elizabeth, E266
Beacock, John, D134
Beacock, Matthew, E266
Beacock, Winefred, D134
Bell, Ann, A34
Bell, George, B70
Bell, George Martin, E248
Bell, Harriet, E248

Bell, Thomas, B70
Bell, William, A34
Bell, William, E248
Beverley, Charles, C125
Beverley, Mary Ann, C125

Bickell, Edmund, D218
Bickell, Elizabeth, D218

Bickell, THB, D219
Bielby, Thomas, A29
Birkill, Sarah Hannah, D197
Blyth, Ann, D214
Blyth, Elisabeth, D214

Blyth, William, D211
Blyth, William, D214
Booth, Ann, E306
Booth, Arthur, A10
Booth, Joseph, E306
Booth, Louisa, A10
Bradley, Mary, C113
Bradley, Thomas, C113

Bradley, Thomas, C114
Bradley, William, C114

Brankley, Elizabeth, F422
Brankley, Robert, F422

Brankley, William, F424
Brattan, John, C128
Brattan, Joseph, C117
Bratton, Alfred Snowden, F368
Bratton, Alice May, C119
Bratton, Ann Elizabeth, F376
Bratton, Annie, C97
Bratton, Charles R, C119
Bratton, Constance May, F368
Bratton, Edwin, F367
Bratton, Elizabeth Ann, D217
Bratton, Herbert Edwin, C97
Bratton, Isabella, F376
Bratton, John Edwin, F368
Bratton, Joseph, F376
Bratton, Mary, F367
Bratton, Robert, F377
Bratton, Susan, F377

Bratton, Thomas, D217
Bray, Arthur John, F381
Bray, Edwin, F395
Bray, Elizabeth, F395

Bray, George Henry, F381
Bromby, Edmund, E259
Bromby, Rachel, E259

Brooks, Benjamin, E250
Brooks, Jane, F389
Brooks, John, F388
Brooks, John, F389
Brooks, Sarah, E250
Brown, 2 unnamed children, F431
Brown, Benjamin, F431
Brown, Patience, F431

Brumby, Ann, E337
Brumby, George, D173
Brumby, George, E337
Brumby, Hannah, E279
Brumby, Harry, E279

Brumby, John, E337
Brumby, Mary Ann, D173
Brumby, Sarah Ann, E278
Brumby, Sarah Ann, E279
Brumby, Thomas, D239
Brumby, William, E278
Brumby, William, E279
Burkill, ?, D152
Burkill, Ann, D140
Burkill, Ann, D155
Burkill, Ann, D155

Burkill, Anne, E288
Burkill, Annie, E314
Burkill, Annie, E314

Burkill, Annie Letitia, E313
Burkill, Bernice, D155
Burkill, Bernice, D155

Burkill, Charles, E309
Burkill, Edward William, E288
Burkill, Eliza Lucy, E287
Burkill, Elizabeth, D152
Burkill, Elizabeth, D157
Burkill, Elizabeth, D182
Burkill, Emma, A18
Burkill, Emma Louise, D178
Burkill, Frank, D180
Burkill, Frederic Hope, E287
Burkill, George, C110
Burkill, George, D140
Burkill, Henry, D158
Burkill, Henry, D180
Burkill, Henry, E313
Burkill, Henry, E314
Burkill, Henry James, E315
Burkill, Isaac, A18
Burkill, Isaac, C110
Burkill, Isaac, D140
Burkill, Isaac, D168
Burkill, Isaac, D169
Burkill, Isaac, D170
Burkill, Isaac, D180
Burkill, John, D153
Burkill, John, D155
Burkill, John, D156
Burkill, John, D157
Burkill, John, D168
Burkill, Joseph, E287
Burkill, Kezia, D179
Burkill, Margaret, E309
Burkill, Martha, D167
Burkill, Martha, D168
Burkill, Martha, D170
Burkill, Martha Ann, D179
Burkill, Mary, D140
Burkill, Mary, D170
Burkill, Mary Ann, E315
Burkill, Maud Beatrice, C110
Burkill, Robert, D179
Burkill, Sarah, C111
Burkill, Sarah, C116
Burkill, Sarah, D221
Burkill, Sarah Ann, D180
Burkill, Sarah E, C110
Burkill, Sidney Patteson, E287
Burkill, Thomas, D154
Burkill, Thomas, D178
Burkill, Thomas, D180
Burkill, Violet Mary, E287
Burkill, William, C111
Burkill, William, C116
Burkill, William, D140
Burkill, William, D140
Burkill, William, D140

Burkill, William, D155
Burkill, William, D220
Burkill, William, D221
Burkill, William Sargant, C116
Burkill(?), Isaac, D155
Burnett, Eliza Maria, D163
Burnett, William, D163

Burton, Don, B75
Button, Ernest, E251
Button, George, E251

Button, Harry, E253
Button, Henry, E251
Button, Mary, E251
Button, Rosamund, E251

Button, Rosamund Mary, E253


Cannell, John, B41
Carnaby, Ann, A22
Carnaby, Eliza, A22
Carnaby, John, A22
Carnaby, John, A22

Cartman, Charles, F385
Cartman, Charles, F385
Cartman, Mary Ann, F385

Cavill, Ann, D162
Cavill, George, B69
Cavill, George, D162
Cavill, Jane, B52
Cavill, William, B52

Chafer, Elizabeth, F341
Chapman, Catherine, E321
Chapman, Jane Martinson, D142
Chapman, Joseph, B47
Chapman, Joseph, D142
Chapman, Louisa, E256
Chapman, Susanna, B56
Chapman, Thomas, B47
Chapman, William, B49
Chapman, William, E256
Chapman, William, E322
Clark, Eliza, D188
Clark, Hannah, D175
Clark, Hannah, D188
Clark, Hannah, D189
Clark, Hannah, D190
Clark, Jane, D188
Clark, William, D188
Clark, William, D189
Clark, William, D190
Clarke, George Pell, F404
Clarke, Jessima Edith
Clarke, Mary Jane, F404
Clarvis, Ann, D242
Clarvis, Edward, F344
Clarvis, Jane, F344

Clarvis, John, D243
Clarvis, John, F342
Clarvis, William, D241
Clarviss, Edward, A37
Clarviss, Mary, A37

Clayton, Albert Edward, F376
Clayton, Charles, F376
Clayton, Lizzie, F376

Cook, James, D205
Cook, Susanna, D205
Cook, Susanna, D205

Cordeaux, Edmund Dodson, E284
Cordeaux, George, E291
Crust, Edward, E286
Crust, Emily, E286

Crust, Joseph, F345
Crust, Marianne, F345


Dawson, Cecilia, E299
Dawson, Cecilia, E300
Dawson, Cecilia, E301
Dawson, Cecilia, E302
Dawson, Elsie May, E302

Dawson, Ethel, E299
Dawson, Isabella, E302
Dawson, Jessie, E300
Dawson, Thomas, E299
Dawson, Thomas, E300
Dawson, Thomas, E301
Dawson, Thomas, E302
Dearing, Ellen, E338
Dearing, Richard, E338
Dearing, Thomas, E338

Dent, Charles, D170
Dent, Martha, D181
Dent, Mary, D170
Dickinson, Rosamond Sarah, E334
Dickinson, Thomas, E334

Dixon, Emily Blanche, C99
Dixon, Heather, C99
Dixon, Michael, C99
Dixon, Robert, C99
Dixon, Victor, C99

Drake, Elizabeth, D208
Drake, Samuel, D208

Driffill, George, B43
Driffill, John, B43
Driffill, John, B43
Driffill, Ralph, B43
Driffill, Richard, B43
Driffill, Sarah, B43

Dudding, Emily Mary, E325
Dudding, Emily Mary, E326
Dudding, Emily Mary Goodworth, E327
Dudding, Emily May, E320
Dudding, John Scarbrough, E325
Dudding, Mary, E326
Dudding, Maude Campbell, E320
Dudding, Thomas, E320

Dudding, Thomas, E325
Dudding, Thomas, E326
Dudding, Thomas, E327
Dudding, Thomas Scarbrough, E320
Duffill, Esther, C109
Duffill, William, C109


E.S. E258
Ellerby, Emily, A17
Ellerby, Joseph Edwin, A17
Ellerby, Richard, A17

Escree, Mary, D151


Fallon, Isabella, A2
Fallon, Peter, A2

Farrow, Abigail, C132
Farrow, Jane, C132
Farrow, John, C132
Farrow, Thomas, C132
Farrow, Thomas, C132
Farrow, Thomas, C132

Fenwick, Ernest Walter, E317
Fenwick, Fanny, E318
Foale, Emily Blanche, C99
Forster, Ebenezer, F361
Forster, Iohn, F359
Forster, James, F361
Forster, John, F360
Forster, John, F361
Forster, Mary, F360
Forster, Mary, F361
Forster, Rebekah, F359
Fowler or Towler, Iohn, B79
Fowler or Towler, Sarah, B79

Frow, David, E336
Frow, Dorcas, E336
Frow, George, E336
Frow, Harriet, E336


Gautby, Bernice, D165
Gautby, Charles, D165

Gautby, Elizabeth, D166
Gautby, John, D165
Gervis, Dinah, F387
Gervis, Mary Ann, F387
Gervis, Thomas, F387

Gibson, Elizabeth, C131
Gibson, Elizabeth, E311
Gibson, Hannah, B51
Gibson, Henry, E311
Gibson, Thomas, C131
Gillatt, John, A19
Gillatt, John, A20
Gillatt, John, A21
Gillatt, Mary, A19
Gillatt, Mary, A20
Gillatt, Mary, A21
Gillatt, Mary Mildred, A20
Gillatt, Mildred, A20

Gillatt, Sarah, A21
Goodman, Eden, B50
Goodman, John Edmund, B50

Goodman, May, B42
Goodman, Roland, B42

Gouldbrough, Elizabeth, D207
Gouldbrough, Hannah, D207
Gouldbrough, Joseph, D207
Gouldbrough, Joseph, D207

Goulden, Ann, D140
Grassby, 2 unnamed children, F392
Grassby, Elizabeth, F392
Grassby, Henry, F392
Grassby, William Robert, F392

Greaves, Ann, D203
Gunson, Ann, C120
Gunson, Thomas, C120


Hall, Alice, C98
Hall, Ann, F343
Hall, George, F343

Hall, George, F346
Hall, Joseph, F343
Hall, Kezia, F346
Hall, Percival, C98
Handson, Gilbert Burton, B71
Handson, Sarah, B71

Hardy, Agnes, C122
Hardy, Thomas, C122

Harris, George William, E323
Harris, Henrietta, E323

Heaton, John, B82
Heaton, Sarah, B82

Hill, Ann, C95
Hodgson, Bridget, D150
Hodgson, Bridget, D151
Hodgson, Elizabeth, D151

Hodgson, Thomas, D150
Hodgson, William, D151
Holmes, Isaac, B86
Holmes, Isaac, B88
Hookham, Francis, F421
Hookham, George, A9
Hookham, Maria, A9

Hookham, Meldred, F421
Hopwood, James, D192
Hopwood, Mary, D192

Horberry, Hannah, F410
Horberry, James, F410

Houldridge, Wilsin, D213
Howden, Alice, B92
Howlett, Alfred, D238
Howlett, Alice, D238


Ingham, Abraham, B94
Ingham, Hannah, B94
Ingham, John, B94


Jackling, Elizabeth, D176
Jackling, Thomas, D176

Jackson, George, F384
Jackson,, F384

Jackson, Mary, C129
Jackson, Samuel, F384
Jackson, William, C129
Jacques, Dinah, F400
Jacques, William, F400

Jaques, Sarah, F402
Jaques, Sarah, F402
Jaques, William, F402

Jarvis, Annie Elizabeth, C101
Jarvis, Dinah, F386
Jarvis, Eliza, C100
Jarvis, Elizabeth, C100
Jarvis, Faith, C100

Jarvis, Henry, F386
Jarvis, John, C100
Jarvis, John William Robinson, C102
Jarvis, Lucy, F386
Jarvis, Mary, C102
Jarvis, Thomas, F386
Jarvis, William, C101
Jickells, Mary, E295
Jobson, John, C96
JP, , B67
JTS, , E328
Jumps, Alfred, F352
Jumps, Eliza, F352
Jumps, George H, F352


Kempthorne, Elizabeth, E310
Kempthorne, George, E310

Kennington, Isaac, D181
Kennington, John Burkill, D181
Kennington, Martha, D181

Knowles, Charles, B91
Knowles, Charles Power, B91
Knowles, Lavinia Margaret, B91

Knowles, Ruth, E276
Knowles, Ruth Ann, E276
Knowles, William, E276


Lacy, Mary, D222
Langton, Dinah Emma, F401
Langton, Emma, F401
Langton, John, F401

Lawrence, Jane, D198
Lawrence, John, D198

Lawtey, Alice, F390
Lawtey, Dinah, F365
Lawtey, George, F365

Lawtey, Jane, F389
Lawtey, John, F389

Lawtey, Philip, F363
Lawtey, Stephen, F364
Leaberry, Elizabeth, F354
Leaberry, Elizabeth, F371
Leaberry, Elizabeth, F371

Leaberry, Francis, F370
Leaberry, John L, F354
Leaberry, Kate, F354

Leaberry, Lawty, F371
Leaberry, Samuel, F370
Lilley, Alice Maud Mary, E296
Lister, Daniel, F407
Lord, John, E285
Lord, Mary, E285

LRR, A31


Manners, Robert, B78
Manners, Susannah, B78

Mapplebeck, Henry L, E319
Mapplebeck, Lucy Emma, E319

Marris, Judith, D133
Marris, Thomas, D133

Marshall, Dinah, F378
Marshall, Dinah, F379
Marshall, Ellen Elizabeth, F379

Marshall, Ethel Marjorie, B73
Marshall, Mary, F372
Marshall, Ruth, F372

Marshall, Ruth, F373
Marshall, Ruth, F374
Marshall, William, F372
Marshall, William, F373
Marshall, William, F374
Marshall, William, F374

Marshall, William, F378
Marshall, William, F379


Naylor, Charles, A3
Naylor, Charles, A30
Naylor, Charles Edward, A30
Naylor, Hannah?, A30
Naylor, Mary, A30

Naylor, Susannah, A3
Nice, Betty, A2
Nixon, Hannah, C105
Nixson, Hannah, D171
Nixson, Hannah, D171

Nixson, Hannah, D172
Nixson, John, F433
Nixson, Joseph, D171
Nixson, Joseph, D172
Nixson, Mary, F433
Nixson, Thomas, F433

Nuttell, Arthur, B76


Ogg, Edgar William, F355
Ogg, Edith Rosemary, F369
Ogg, Elizabeth, B72
Ogg, John Arthur, B44
Ogg, Kate Edith, F355
Ogg, Percy Roland, B45
Ogg, Thomas, B72
Oldridge, Coulson, D194
Otter, Ann, B60
Otter, Ann, B61
Otter, Ann, E276
Otter, Elizabeth, B58
Otter, Elizabeth, B83
Otter, Emily, E281
Otter, Frances, E268
Otter, Hannah, E275
Otter, John, B60
Otter, John, B61
Otter, John, E267
Otter, John, E276
Otter, Lucy, B61
Otter, Mary Hannah, B61

Otter, Robert, B58
Otter, Robert, E280
Otter, Ruth, B59
Otter, Ruth, E276
Otter, Sarah Ann, B60
Otter, William, B59
Otter, William, B83
Otter, William, E281
Ozgerby, Ann, B48


Parker, Ann, F397
Parker, Ellen Edith, E283
Parker, Henry, F397
Parker, Robert, A23
Parkinson, Joseph, B87
Patrick, Elizabeth, E340
Patrick, Jane, E339
Patrick, Robert, E339

Pearson, Ann Greenshaw, D236
Pearson, Edward, D235
Pearson, Edward, D236
Pearson, Elizabeth, D235
Pearson, Elizabeth, D236
Peill, Olive, B77
Peill, Thomas, B77

Phillipson, Eleanor, D216
Pickersgill, Ann, D177
Pickersgill, Benjamin, E307
Pickersgill, Caroline, B66
Pickersgill, Caroline, E246
Pickersgill, Ellen, E277
Pickersgill, Francis, D177
Pickersgill, Fred, E246
Pickersgill, George, B66
Pickersgill, George, E252
Pickersgill, Hanah, B66
Pickersgill, Martha, E307
Pickersgill, Mary, B66
Pickersgill, Mary, D193
Pickersgill, Thomas, D193
Pickersgill, Thomasin, D193

Pickersgill, William, B64
Pickersgill, William, B66
Pickersgill, William Benjamin, D177
Pinn, John, F413
Pinn, Rhoda, F413
Pinn, Rhoda, F413

Pitcher, George, E263
Pitcher, Sarah Jane, E263

Plumstead, James, F427
Pogson, Emily, D225
Potts, Frances, E289
Powell, Mary Ann, E293
Preston, Elizabeth, D208
Preston, Wharfe, D208

Prickett, Alice Maud Mary, E296
Prickett, Betsy, E296
Prickett, Elizabeth, E296
Prickett, Herbert, E296

Prickett, Herbert John, E297
Prickett, Oriel, E297
Prickett, T.W., E297

Prickett, Thomas William, E295
Prickett, Thomas William, E296
Prickett, William Ewart, E297
Pulleine, Alice, A5
Pulleine, Richard, A5


Rack, Amelia, D224 (See also Wrack, Amelia)
Reed, Albert, A24
Reed, Charles, A15
Reed, Charles, D145
Reed, Charlotte, D184
Reed, Elizabeth, A15
Reed, Elizabeth, D145
Reed, Fanny, A24
Reed, Francis, D145
Reed, Hannah, D183
Reed, Hannah, D184
Reed, Isaac, D145
Reed, Mary Ann, A24
Reed, Solomon, A24

Reed, Thomas, D183
Reed, Thomas, D184
Reedal, John, F423
Reynolds, Anne, D212
Reynolds, William, D212

Risebury, Edward, B80
Robinson, 3 unnamed children, D187
Robinson, Barbara, D136
Robinson, Elijah, E265
Robinson, Eliza, F396
Robinson, Fanny, F405
Robinson, Francis, D223
Robinson, Francis, D223

Robinson, Frank, E312
Robinson, Frank, F391
Robinson, Hannah, F403
Robinson, Harriet, D223
Robinson, Henrietta, E324
Robinson, Jane, D187
Robinson, John, E249
Robinson, John, F403
Robinson, John, F411
Robinson, Josiah, F405
Robinson, Mary, D223
Robinson, Mary, F411
Robinson, Mary Ann, E265
Robinson, Matthew, F382
Robinson, Matthew, F383
Robinson, Rachel, E249
Robinson, S. E., F391
Robinson, Sarah, D187
Robinson, Sarah, F383
Robinson, Susannah, E312
Robinson, Thomas Frederick, E324
Robinson, William, D187
Rockett, Brian, B85
Rose, Robert, E269
Rose, Sarah, E269

Rosindale, Harold Gordon, E247
Rosindale, Violet Tressy, E247

Routh, Annie, R Headstones
Routh Arthur John, R Headstones
Routh, Ernest, R Headstones
Routh, John, R Headstones
Routh, Mabel, R Headstones
Routh, Nellie, R Headstones



Sadler, Elizabeth, E304
Sadler, Joseph Bowman, E304

Sale, Henry Townsend, B84
Sale, Marianna, B90
Sargant, Arabella, F399
Sargant, Elizabeth, D138
Sargant, Elizabeth, D139
Sargant, Elizabeth, F398
Sargant, George, B81
Sargant, George, F398
Sargant, George, F399
Sargant, James, D245
Sargant, Jane, B81
Sargant, Martha, D138
Sargant, Thomas, F398
Sargant, William, D137
Sargant, William, D138
Sargant, William, D139
Sargeant, Anne Elizabeth, E273
Sargeant, Elizabeth, E262
Sargeant, William, E262

Scarborough, John, F428
Scarborough, Sarah, F428

Scarbrough, (3 unnamed children), D161
Scarbrough, Edward, D160
Scarbrough, Edward Westoby, D160
Scarbrough, Elizabeth, D160

Scarbrough, Emily Mary, E325
Scarbrough, Emily Mary, E326
Scarbrough, Florence Ellen, D141
Scarbrough, John, D141

Scarbrough, John, D160
Scarbrough, John, D161
Scarbrough, John Thomas, E328
Scarbrough, Mary, D161
Scarbrough, Mary Ann, D143
Sewell, Ann, C123
Sewell, Ann, C125
Sewell, Barratt, C125

Sewell, Barratt, C127
Sewell, Betsy, E295
Sewell, Betsy, E296
Sewell, Charles, C121
Sewell, Charles, C123
Sewell, Elizabeth, A8
Sewell, Ellen Frances, E294
Sewell, Hannah, A33
Sewell, Herbert, E294
Sewell, James, A8
Sewell, James, C124
Sewell, John, A33
Sewell, John, C126
Sewell, John, C127
Sewell, John, E293
Sewell, John, E294
Sewell, John, E295
Sewell, Mary, C126
Sewell, Mary, C127
Sewell, Mary, E295
Sewell, Mary Ann, C125
Sewell, Mary Ann, E293
Sewell, Mary Ann, E294
Sewell, Sarah, C126
Sharp, Anthony, B63
Sharp, Jane, B63

Sharp, Mary, B62
Sharp, Thomas, B63
Sharp, Thomas, B63

Sharpe, Anthony, B74
Simpson, Charles R G, F358
Simpson, Elizabeth, F357
Simpson, James, E335
Simpson, James, F358
Simpson, John FF, 358
Simpson, Joseph AF, 358
Simpson, Mary A EF, 358

Simpson, Richard, F357
Simpson, Richard Isaac Henry Moor, E335
Simpson, Sarah, E335

Simpson, Sarah, F358
Simpson, Walter Edwin, E335
Simpson, William, F357
Skinner, Martha, D240
Slingsby, Charles, E283
Slingsby, Charles, E290
Slingsby, Charles, E292
Slingsby, Cooper, B53
Slingsby, Elizabeth Stamp, B53

Slingsby, George Henry, E282
Slingsby, Jane Anne, E283
Slingsby, Jane Anne, E290
Slingsby, Mary Wilkin, E282
Slingsby, Rebecca, E292
Smith, Ann, D202
Smith, Ann, D203
Smith, Sarah, F412
Smith, William, F412

Snowden, Maria, E308
Snowden, Mary, D136
Snowden, Robert, E305
Snowden, Robert, E308
Snowden, Thomas, D135
Snowden, Thomas, D136
Sopp, Derek, A1
Sopp, Emily, A1

Spencer, Amos, F350
Spencer, Amos, F352
Spencer, Ann, D200
Spencer, Ann, D201
Spencer, Ann, F350
Spencer, Ann, F351
Spencer, Grace, D200
Spencer, Henry, A6
Spencer, Isaac, D186
Spencer, Isaac, D200
Spencer, Isaac, D201
Spencer, Isaac, F350
Spencer, Isaac, F352
Spencer, Jane, F351
Spencer, John, F351

Spencer, Martha, F352
Spencer, Sarah, A6
Spencer, William, D200
Spillman, Ann, D230
Spillman, Ann, D232
Spillman, Charles, D231
Spillman, Sarah, D231

Spillman, Thomas, D230
Spillman, Thomas, D230

Spillman, Thomas, D231
Spillman, Thomas, D232
Spillman, William, D229
Spir, Elizabeth, E296
Stamp, George Wright, A35
Stamp, Mary, A36
Stamp, Mary Ann, A35
Stamp, William, A36
Storm, Ann, D147
Storm, Clara, E298
Storm, John, D146
Storm, John William, E298
Storr, Sarah, D149
Storr, William, D149

Suggit, Dinah, F415
Suggit, Jefferson, F414
Suggit, Jefferson, F415
Suggit, Rebecca, F414
Sutton, Ann, E331
Sutton, Elizabeth, E333
Sutton, Florence, E329
Sutton, Gertrude, E332
Sutton, Herbert, E330
Sutton, Walter Arthur, E329
Sutton, William, E331
Sutton, William, E333


Terry, Norah, E255
Terry, William, E255

Tomlinson, Ann, D185
Tomlinson, William, C118
Tomlinson, William, D185
Tomson, Hannah, F363
Towler or Fowler, Iohn, B79
Towler or Fowler, Sarah, B79

Tuplin, Hannah, E260
Tuplin, Hannah, E261
Tuplin, Henry, E260
Tuplin, Henry, E260

Tuplin, Henry Easton, E261
Turner, Oriel, E297
Twidale, George, F434
Twidle, Iohn, F375
Twidle, Mary, F375
Twidle, Thomas, F375


Wadd, Ellen, A13
Wadd, William, A14
Waddingham, Ann, F418
Waddingham, Ann, F419
Waddingham, Ann, F426
Waddingham, Blyth, D209
Waddingham, Caroline, D210
Waddingham, Elizabeth, D176
Waddingham, Elizabeth, D209
Waddingham, George, A12
Waddingham, George, A16
Waddingham, George, D210
Waddingham, George, F417
Waddingham, George, F418
Waddingham, George, F426
Waddingham, Henry, F426

Waddingham, James, F416
Waddingham, John, D176
Waddingham, John, D196
Waddingham, John, D197
Waddingham, John, D209
Waddingham, John, D209

Waddingham, Joseph, D159
Waddingham, Lucy, D209
Waddingham, Lucy, F417
Waddingham, Martha, D159
Waddingham, Mary, D196
Waddingham, Mary, E270
Waddingham, Mary Ann, D190
Waddingham, Rebecca, D195
Waddingham, Rebecca, D197
Waddingham, Rebekah, D176
Waddingham, Rose, A16
Waddingham, Sarah Ann, A12
Waddingham, Sarah Ann, A16
Waddingham, Thomas, D190
Waddingham, Thomas, D191
Waddingham, Thomas, D209
Waddingham, Thomas, F419
Waddingham, Thomas, F420
Waddingham, William, E270
Waddingham, William, E277
Walker, Hannah Elizabeth, A36
Walker, Timothy, A36

Ward, Edward, D171
Ward, Hannah, D171

Waterlow, Ann, B68
Waterlow, Anne, B46
Waterlow, Anne, B46
Waterlow, Eva, B46

Waterlow, George Spencer, B68
Waterlow, Henry, B46
Waterlow, Henry, B68
Waterlow, Jenny, B46
Waterlow, John, B68
Waterlow, John, C108
Waterlow, Sarah, C108
Waterlow, Sarah, C108

Watkin, Hannah, F432
Watkin, John, F380
Watkin, John, F394
Watkin, John, F408
Watkin, John, F409
Watkin, Louisa, F394
Watkin, Sarah, F380
Watkin, Sarah, F394
Watkin, Sarah, F409
Watkin, Sophia Elizabeth, F380
Watkin, Walter John, F380

Welch, Henry, F393
Welch, Joseph, F393
Welch, Mary, F393

Westoby, Anthony, F406
Westoby, Edward, F430
Westoby, Hannah, F406
Westoby, John, F428
Westoby, John, F429
Westoby, Sarah, F428
Westoby?, Jane, F428
Westoby?, Mary, F428
Westoby?, Rosamond, F428
Westoby?, Rosamond Scarborough, F428

Westron, Catherine, B45
Westron, John, B45

Wharton, David, A27
Wharton, David, A28
Wharton, Elizabeth, A27
Whitehead, Charlotte, C106
Whitehead, Elizabeth, C106

Whitehead, Elizabeth, C107
Whitehead, Luke, C106
Whitehead, Luke, C107
Wigelsworth, Albert Charles, D227
Wigelsworth, Ann, D228
Wigelsworth, Harriet, D227
Wigelsworth, James, D227

Wigelsworth, James, D228
Wigelsworth, Susanna, D227
Williamson, John, D224
Willy, Ann, C103
Willy, Ann, C103

Willy, Ann, C104
Willy, William, C103
Willy, William, C104
Wood, Elizabeth, D215
Wood, Iohn, D215

Wrack, Amelia, D226 (See also Rack, Amelia)
Wright, Charles, D199
Wright, Charles, D199
Wright, Joseph, D199
Wright, Mary, D199
Wright, Mary Ann, D199

Illegible Surnames:

?, Eleanor, B55
?, Elizabeth, F435
?, George, B65
?, George, F435
?, Hannah, C128
?, Joseph, B93
?, Mary, B55
?, Mary, B93
?, Mary, B93

?, Mary, D148
?, Matthew, D148

?, Robert, B93

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