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A Headstones in Winteringham Churchyard

Monumental inscriptions supplied by Chris Knowles, to whom we are very grateful for his wonderful and painstaking work.

The photographs of headstones on this page can be scanned at a much higher resolution, which give far more detail.  Please contact us to ask for any particular headstone scan which you would like emailing to you.

John Atkinson, Winteringham

affectionate remembrance
of John Atkinson
the beloved husband
of Sarah Atkinson
died February 1st 1861
aged 44 years
He sleeps in Jesus

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

John William Ashton, Winteringham

In loving memory of
John William Ashton,
who died April 22nd 1883,
aged 31 years.
O what are all my sufferings here,
If Lord, Thou count me meet,
With that enraptured host to appear
and worship at Thy feet.
The above is the son of
Robert and Ann Ashton.

John William Ashton, Winteringham

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

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