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‘C’ Headstones in Winteringham Churchyard

Monumental inscriptions supplied by Chris Knowles, to whom we are very grateful for his wonderful and painstaking work.

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Edmund Cordeaux, Winteringham


In loving memory
Edmund Dodson
Mayor of Winteringham
for forty years
who died April 4th 1917
aged 102 years
"The hoary head is a crown
of glory if it be found in
the way of righteousness."
Prov. XVI. v.31


Edmund Cordeaux, Winteringham

Editor’s note: According to the Office of National Statistics, there were 100 centenarians in the 1911 census, and this figure grew by only 100 or so between 1911 and 1939.  Women centenarians outnumbered their male counterparts by about 3:1.  So when Edmund attained the age of 100, it is likely that he was one of only about 25 men in the whole of the UK to reach that age, and by surviving to pass his 102nd birthday, the number of centenarians would be far smaller. Indeed, it is quite feasible that Edmund would be one of the oldest, if not THE oldest man in the whole country!

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

John Carnaby, Eliza Carnaby, Winteringham

Sacred/ to the memory of
John the son of
John and Ann Carnaby
who departed this life Decr. 9th
1839 aged 8 years
This lovely bud so young and fair
Call'd hence by early doom
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In paradise would bloom
Also of Eliza who died in infancy

John Carnaby, Winteringham

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

Joseph Crust, Marianne Crust, Winteringham

In memory of
Joseph Crust of this place
who died on the 10th November 1815, aged 36 years
and of Marianne, his wife
who died 23rd May 1863, aged 74 years.

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

George Cordeaux, Winteringham

In loving memory
George Cordeaux,
who died Nov. 26th 1896,
aged 85 years.
"I waited patiently for the Lord: and he inclined unto
me, and heard my calling."

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

Jessima Clarke, Winteringham
201 250 F404 George Pell Clarke

Loving Memory
Jessima Edith Clarke
who passed away Aug 15th 1919,
aged 31 years.
"The flower expandeth and revealeth its beauty,
The wind passeth over it and it is gone."

loving memory
George Pell Clarke,
who died Nov 2nd 1929
aged 82 years.
Mary Jane,
wife of the above,
who died May 16th 1929
aged 72 years.
Thy will be done.


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

224 250 Elizabeth Crawford 1923

Loving Memory of
The beloved wife of
Joseph Crawford
who died Oct. 31st 1923
Aged 76 years
"Peace Perfect Peace"


227 250 George Clayton 1922

In Loving Memory of
George Clayton
Who passed away
August 3rd 1922
Aged 76 years.
"Blessed are the dead that die in the "Lord"
Also of
Wife of the above
Who died Sep 4th 1929
Aged 79 years
At rest.

Marriage: Parish Registers Augist 13th 1867


238 250 D241 William Clarvis

to the memory of
William Clarvis,
who departed this life
December 15th 1838, in the
36th year of his age

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

239 250 D242 Ann Clarvis

memory of
Ann Clarvis,
who departed this life
April 27th 1830,
aged 67 years.
Affliction sore long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain;
Till death did ease and God did please,
To take away my pain.


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

240 250 D243 John Clarvis

to the memory of
John Clarvis,
(who departed this life
M[ay 3rd] 1837 ..........
........ years.
 G R

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

285 250 D162 Ann Cavill

to the memory of
Ann the wife of
George Cavill,
who departed this life May 29th
1826 aged 60 years.
 Also the above George Cavill
who departed this life
Febry. 16th 1837 aged 74 years.
 Let friend forbear to mourn and weep,
While in the dust we gently sleep,
This frailsome world we left behind,
A crown of glory hope to find.


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

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