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‘H’ Headstones in Winteringham Churchyard

Monumental inscriptions supplied by Chris Knowles, to whom we are very grateful for his wonderful and painstaking work.

The photographs of headstones on this page can be scanned at a much higher resolution, and revealing far more detail.  Please contact us to ask for any particular headstone scan which you would like emailing to you.

Bridget Hodgson, Thomas Hodgson, Winteringham

lieth interred the body of Bridget
the wife of Thomas Hodgson who
departed this life the 16th day of March
1793 aged 50 years.  Also
on the north side close adjoining lieth
three of their children who all died
Go home dear friends and shed no tears
I must lie here till Christ appears,
When at his coming hope to have
A joyful rising from the grave.
Also here lieth interred the body of
Thomas Hodgson who departed this life
the 12th day of March 1812 aged 74 years.

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

Elizabeth Hodgson, Bridget Hodgson, Mary Escree, Winteringham

lieth interred the body of Elizabeth the
wife of William Hodgson who departed
his life the 17th day of July 1801 in the 23rd
year of his age.  Also
here lieth the body of Bridget daughter
of the above William and Elizabeth Hodgson
who departed this life
the 28th day of December 1801 aged 2 years.
Affliction sore with patience bore,
Physicians were in vain
Till God did please to give them ease,
And free them from their pain.
Also here lieth interred the body of Mary
{?} who departed this life the 10th
day of May 1809 aged 2 years.

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

199 250 F421 Meldred Hookham

memory of
Meldred the wife of
Francis Hookham,
who departed this life
June 12th 1828,
aged 25 years.
 Remember me my life is past,
With God I have made my peace at last.
So mercy show and pity take,
Love my children for my sake.


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

207 250 F410 Hannah Horberry

In loving memory of
Hannah Horberry,
widow of the late
James Horberry ,
of Gunthorpe,
who died June 28th 1904,
aged 95 years.
 Her end was peace.

From: Sheffield Daily Telegraph
Fatality at Winteringham
Old Lady's Curious Death
Mr Philip Gamble, Coroner, held an inquiry at Winteringham yesterday, into the death of Mrs Hannah Horberry, aged 95, the widow of a cattle dealer.  On the 13th inst., a little dog ran into the house.  Deceased took a stick, and bending down, put it underneath the couch.  The dog snarled at her, and she fell.  She was placed in a chair, and Dr Baker sent for, and he found her thigh fractured.  He set it, but it made no attempt to unite, and she gradually grew weaker and died.  The cause of death was shock and extreme old age.  A verdict of "Accidental death" was returned.

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

223 250 George William Handson

Affectionate remembrance
George William Handson
The Winteringham Butcher
Died 6th (?) October 1929
Aged 74 years
Gone but not forgotten


225 250 John Howden 1915

Loving Memory of
John Howden
Who died March 30th 1915
Aged 73 years
Also of Mary Ann
The beloved wife of the above
Who died Oct 18th 1915
Till the resurrection morning
Also of Joseph
Son of the above
Who was accidentally
Killed in America
October 30th 1920
Aged 34 years
Rest eternal grant to him O Lord


313 C122 Agnes Hardy

In memory
of Agnes the wife
of Thomas Hardy, who
departed this life the
21st of July 1795: aged 42.
Only few months in marry'd state,
Then I changed and left my mate,
Into a silent bed I'm brought:
And am much better do not doubt
Oh! my dear friends don't weep for me
I can't return to comfort ye.


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

344 B82 John Heaton

to the memory of
John Heaton,
who departed this life
December ... 18{3?}3
aged .. years.
Also Sarah , wife of the above
who died January 6th 1832,
aged .. years

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

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