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‘P’ Headstones in Winteringham Churchyard

Monumental inscriptions supplied by Chris Knowles, to whom we are very grateful for his wonderful and painstaking work.

The photographs of headstones on this page can be scanned at a much higher resolution.  Please contact us to ask for any particular headstone scan which you would like emailing to you.

Ellen Parker, Winteringham

Sacred/ to the memory of
Ellen Edith Parker
the beloved granddaughter of
Charles & Jane Anne Slingsby
of this place
who died July 25th 1882
aged 17 years
The flower expandeth and revealeth
its beauty - the wind passeth over it
and it is gone
Such is life

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

Fred Pickersgill, Winteringham

In affectionate remembrance

the beloved son of
Caroline Pickersgill
of Winteringham
who departed this life August 11th 1876
aged 7 years
Suffer the little children to come
unto me and forbid them not for such
is the kingdom of God

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

Robert Parker, Winteringham

memory of/
Robert Parker/
of this place/
who died October 27th/
1852, aged 35 years./ 
Reader, prepare to meet thy God

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

Richard Pulleine, Winteringham

In loving memory of
Richard Pulleine
who died April 4th 1892
aged 80 years
Also Alice
wife of the above
who died Jany. 21st 1896
aged 70 years
At rest

The Parish Registers state that Mr Pulleine was kicked by a horse.  The Hull Daily Mail gave further details on 6th April:

Shocking Occurrence in North Lincolnshire
A Farmer Killed by a Horse
Tragic Incident at a Sale

On Monday afternoon [4th April 1892], at the stock sale at Mrs Barrett's farm, Roxby, near Winterton, Mr Robert [sic] Pulleine, farmer, Winteringham, was kicked by a cart horse which was being shown.  Dr Goodworth, of Winterton, was among the company at the sale, and rendered prompt medical aid, but Mr Pulleine only lived for 10 minutes.  The auctioneer had requested the company to stand back, but the deceased was very deaf, and at the recent sale at Wallcott Hall he was knocked down twice by horses.  The sad event cast a gloom over the sale, and much sympathy was expressed for the family, who are much respected in the district.  Mr Samuel Pulleine, J.P., of Owston Ferry, is one of the deceased's brothers.

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

259 250 D216 Eleanor Phillipson

In memory
Eleanor Phillipson,
who died October {5?}th 1866,
aged 70 years.
{In t}he midst of life
We are in death

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

Ann Parker, Winteringham

In memory of
Ann wife of Henry Parker
of this place
who departed this life
March 17th 1860,
aged 53 years.
In the midst of life we are in death.
of the above named
Henry Parker,
who died February 2nd 1880,
aged 70 years.

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

191 250 F413 Rhoda Pinn

In memory of
daughter of the late
John and Rhoda Pinn,
of London,
who died March 6th 1864,
aged 53 years.
How lov'd how valu'd once avails thee not,
To whom related or by whom begot,
A heap of dust alone remains of thee,
'Tis all thou art and all the proud shall be.


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

217 250 F427 James Plumstead

to the memory of
James Plumste[ad]
Dissenting Minister
w{ho de}parted this lif{e} ... 5th 1828
aged 70 year{s}
H.. ... ... years did preach that ... ...
O.. ... alone his soul ... ...
... ...sinners he did tell,
How Christ could save their souls from hell

Ann, wife of the aforesaid
James Plumstead , who departed this life Dcmr. 9th 1835
aged 78 years  
{Four lines of epitaph follow}.

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

247 250 D235 Elizabeth Pearson

relict of the late
Capt. Edward Pearson
of Hull;
she died July 7th 1833
aged 52 years.

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

256 250 D225 Emily Pogson

memory of
Emily Pogson,
who died at Winteringham
January 4th 1896,
aged 20 years.
 Blessed are the dead,
which die in the Lord.


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

261 250 D208 Elizabeth Preston

to the memory of
daughter {of} the Revd. Samuel Drake
Rector of Gunby and Bratoft in this county
and wife of Mr. Wharfe Preston late of Louth
who died on the 29th day of May 1826
aged 68 years.


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

270 250 D193 Mary Pickersgill

to the memory of
Mary, (only daughter of
Thomas & Thomasin Pickersgill,)
who died September 26th 1828,
in the 48 year of her age.
 May they who scorn a Saviour's name
Reflect upon their ways with shame
And flee to thee before that day
When death shall hurry them away.


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

343 B66 Mary Hannah Pickersgill

In affectionate remembrance
Mary Hannah
daughter of William & Hanah
who departed this life [December .... 1868]
aged 20 years
The star of her young life hath set
To every mortal eye.
Yet shines with truth ...... .......there
In some far distant sky

Also of
the beloved husband of
Caroline Pickersgill,
who died April 11th 1912,
aged 67 years.
At rest


Headstone in front...


Chris Knowles Monumental Description

342 B64 William Pickersgill

In affectionate remembrance
William Pickersgill
who departed this life May
31st 1874, aged 61 years.
Thy will be done

Chris Knowles Monumental Description

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