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Sue Westoby has produced two highly detailed documents on the Westoby family, which are available on the links below.  We are indebted to Sue for this information. Please note that it is © Sue Westoby.

The Descendants of John and Jane Westoby, by Sue Westoby (you may need to temporarily turn off your pop-up blocker to download this file)

Please note: since uploading the above document, Sue has corrected some of the information on it:

“Arthur Westoby, son of George Grantham and Mary, did not marry Maud Snowden. Instead another Arthur, from a different Westoby line, married Maud.”

The Descendants of Anthony and Katherine Westoby, by Sue Westoby (you may need to temporarily turn off your pop-up blocker to download this file)

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John Westoby, Winteringham
Sarah Westoby nee Scarbrough, Winteringham

John Westoby

This print is reproduced by kind permission of Martin Buxton

©Martin Buxton

Sarah Westoby, nee Scarbrough

This print is reproduced by kind permission of Martin Buxton

©Martin Buxton


The Westobys in the 1851 Census

There were two households of Westobys in 1851, which are detailed in the Census as:

57, West End, Westoby, John, Head, w, 77, m, Landed Proprietor, Winteringham, Lincolnshire
57, West End, Driffill, Elizabeth, Servant, u, 27, f, Housekeeper, West Halton, Lincolnshire

60, West End, Westoby, Thomas, Head, m, 76, m, Agricultural labourer, Winteringham, Lincolnshire
60, West End, Westoby, Elizabeth, Wife, m, 75, f, , Winteringham, Lincolnshire
60, West End, Westoby, Mary, Daughter, u, 51, f, , Winteringham, Lincolnshire
60, West End, Westoby, Plesant, Daughter, u, 23, f, , Winteringham, Lincolnshire
60, West End, Westoby, Ann, Grand-daughter, u, 9, f, , Winteringham, Lincolnshire

The Westobys in the 1901 Census

Although there is no-one in Winteringham with the Westoby surname in 1901, Pleasant Westoby (above) still resides in the village, now called Lawty.  (NB her forename is spelt slightly differently in the original documents as shown here)
b15, Silver Street, Lawty, Pleasant, Head, w, 73, f, Living on Own Means, , , Winteringham

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Edward Westoby illustrated the book “A History of Winterton and the Adjoining Villages” by W Andrew (1836).  His drawing in that book of Winteringham Church may be seen by clicking here.  Other drawings of his are available on the North Lincolnshire Council Image Archive, which is available by clicking here.

The window in Winteringham Church, dedicated to Henry Kirke White provided by Edward Westoby, his friend, is shown on the Henry Kirke White page of this website.


Amazing! I was just browsing the web for something else and I came across this site. My 11x G.Grandfather was Edward Westoby of Burton upon Stather. I have not been able to find his marriage to Issabell but his daughter, Frances, married my 10x G Grandfather Timothy Bramham/Brammer on 24 Nov 1692 at Burton upon Stather.
I think the Bramham/Brammers came from the Monk Fryston/Kippax/Ledsham area before that.
I have not been able to trace Edward Westoby back beyond the birth of his first child's baptism at Burton upon Stather (Frances, bp 4 Jan 1673) but suspect he had several brothers, Anthony, Robert, Thomas and  John. His father and mother may have been Thomas and Margaret or Ann. I would greatly appreciate it if any one has any information on my ancestors. I can be contacted at :
The Westobys went on to become staunch Quakers in the villages around Burton upon Stather (including Winteringham). The Bramhams/ Brammers later moved to Nottinghamshire and later still to Manchester during the industrial revolution.

From Chris Brammer

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