Medieval Finds
in Winteringham

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Medieval* Finds in Winteringham

NB: We are using the term Medieval in its widest possible context!

With thanks to Ken Jacobs, and the Scunthorpe Metal Detecting Society


Winteringham Noble Obverse

Winteringham Noble Reverse

Edward III full gold Noble from the Calais mint C.1351-52.

A noble had a face value of 6 shillings and 8 pence (6s-8d), which was exactly one third of a pound.


Medieval Harness decorations
Medieval Herness Decoration

Medieval Harness Pendant

Medieval spout

A Medieval Spout
description by Kate Roe
This is a vessel spout - a zoomorphic vessel spout to be precise as the rounded tubular pipe (on the right of the picture) that would have been the pouring end has an animal head (probably a dog) around it with the end of the spout projecting from the jaws. The flared curved end could have been soldered to a jug or a bowl, but some authorities suggest that these items were used as pouring spouts from leather vessels.  It's made from cast copper alloy and is Medieval, dating from between 1300-1500 approx.  Similar items have been found all over the UK.

16th century pilgrim's badge from Winteringham

A sixteenth century pilgrim’s badge, found in a Winteringhal field.  It is about 1 inch (25mm) across.


Medieval Buckle
Key Ring

A medieval strap end


Jew's or Jaws Harp

Strap End

A decorated strap end

Pilgrim's Badge
Spindle Whorl
Jean's Hammered obv - 12082012
Jean's Hammered rev - 525 - 12082012

This coin was found by Jean Jacobs.  Ken says: It's a penny of King John 1199-1216 and was minted at the Norwich mint by a bloke called RENALD.

It's amazing the amount of information that these little coins contain considering they are only the size of a modern 1p coin.

It's also the best condition that I've ever seen one of this King's coins in.

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