Roman Finds
in Winteringham

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Roman Finds in Winteringham
Roman Bow Brooch 400w
Roman Buckle

Information from Kate Roe:

Roman / Romano British belt buckle and dates from about the fourth century AD. They seem especially common in Lincolnshire - that is three or four have been reported to have been found here as opposed to one or two elsewhere! However it makes me wonder that perhaps they had a link to the builder or owner of the chariot race mosaic at Horkstow? Were they given to charioteers perhaps who wore them with pride? This mosaic dates from around the same time.

Steelyard weight

A steelyard weight

This is the weight suspend on a rod, and as it is moved left or right, balances the rod, and therefore weighs the object in the weighing pan.  Used by merchants as a portable scale.


Modern equivalents may be seen in doctors surgeries, schools, sports facilities etc.

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