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The Remarkable Edmund Cordeaux, Winteringham’s last mayor

(Please be aware that his name was also spelt as “Cordock” when researching Edmund.)


Edmund Cordeaux - 865w

Edmund Cordeaux at 100 (11th September 1914)



On Friday, September 11th, Mr. Edmund Cordeaux, of Winteringham, celebrated his 100th birthday. He is one of the best-known and most interesting figures in North Lincolnshire. 

Despite his great age, Mr. Cordeaux is a wonderfully preserved man, and his faculties are good.

Born at Brigsley, near Grimsby, in 1814, when quite an infant his parents removed to Ashby-cum-Fenby, where he started work at 10 years of age. In those days there were no schools and although Mr. Cordeaux has received no education he has been able to read and write.

During the earlier part of his life he has been identi?ed with farm service, and in addition to being the oldest person in Winteringham, he is one of its oldest residents, where he took up his residence at the commencement of the reign of Queen Victoria, in 1837. It was his privilege to see the Queen, at Doncaster, a year before she ascended to the throne, and also to witness the opening of Grimsby Docks by her late Majesty. Mr. Cordeaux was married at Winteringham in 1854, and his wife died about thirty years ago, there being no issue.

He well remembers Scunthorpe when it consisted of only a few houses. For the greater part of his time Mr. Cordeaux was employed by the Burkhill family who, amongst other things, carried on business as corn and seed merchants, through which, in his duties, Mr. Cordeaux became well -known at markets such as Brigg and Hull. In his time he has sold wheat at 90s. per quarter, also at the much smaller sum of 18s. per qr.

In the early days of Mr. Cordeaux, the stage coach was the chief mode of travelling, and he had vivid recollections of the time a journey to Cambridge took ; he also remembers the laying of the railway to Scunthorpe, and used to pass over it weekly, at Appleby.

Mr. Cordeaux is locally known as the Mayor of Winteringham. Asked what he thought was the secret of his longevity, he replied "hard work." He has been a staunch churchman, and a Sunday school teacher, also clerk at the Parish Church.

Mr. Cordeaux spent this unique event quietly amongst his immediate friends; the present crisis** having prevented an intention to signalise the occasion in a semi-public manner.


**Ed: The present crisis would be referring to the Great War being declared 5 weeks earlier.


97th Birthday

For his 97th birthday in 1911, Edmund met some of his friends at Winteringham Railway Station, and took the train to Whitton and back.


Edmund Dodson - 250w - low res


Cordeaux Edmund Dodson - cropped - grayscale - low res - 450w





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