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Elias William Field

Elias William Field and the Lincolnshire Yeomanry

The Lincolnshire Yeomanry at Camp
Elias is on the back row, extreme left with the stick

“'D & G
Hope you like this
Scunthorpe Troop  I think it is good.
Love to all 
EW Field'

Ju 6

Lincolnshire Yeomanry at Camp 2
Elias is on the back row, second

This postcard is thought to be 1912

Next The two photos above and the four photos below supplied by Aidan Harrison, and scanned by Andrew Snowdon.

Andrew says:
There's a particularly fine moustache in the formal portrait!
I have endeavoured to translate the inscription on the gravestone, and arrived at:
Ici repose le sous-officier Anglais
E. W. Field
Mort pour la Patrie
A bord du transport MERCIAN
Accueilli le 20 Xbre 1915

Here lies the English Sergeant
E. W. Field
Died for his country
On board the transport (ship) MERCIAN
?Laid to rest 20 ?December 1915
'Accueilli' actually means 'welcomed', and  'Xbre'  I have guessed as an abbreviation.

Elias William Field Portrait

525 wIMG_20151013_160136649-20151103-103933


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Elias William Field at camp

Elias William Field behind the Ferry Boat Inn Winteringham

The grave of Elias William Field

Field 1 Le petit Lac View - 600w

These photographs were kindly supplied by Chris Snowdon, the great-grandson of Elias William Field.  They show the sword and regimental regalia belonging to Elias.  At the bottom is a plaque to Elias, kindly scanned by Andrew Snowdon.

Elias William Field - his regimental regalia

Elias William Field - cap badge and buttons (back and front)

Elias William Field - Territorial Force Efficiency Medal frontElias William Field - Territorial Force Efficiency Medal back

Elias William Field - Plaque

The commemorative plaque to Elias William Field.

For a history of these plaques - known as Dead Man’s Penny - please click here



FIELD_FW - 525w





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