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Porcelain Tank with Winteringham Crest - Sandra Clayton, photographs by Ken Jacobs


800 wBACK & BADGE-20150106-093649

Sandra Clayton’s porcelain “Mark I” tank, with Winteringham crest!  These were produced - along with other porcelain copies of WWI armaments - by a firm called Goss, with the crests of various towns.  The original tank was first made at Lincoln, known officially as a “land ship” (and crewed by the Royal Navy!), but whilst it was being built at Lincoln became known as a tank by virtue of the fact that the bodywork looked like a water tank.  However, that name stuck, and “landship” was consigned to history!

The close-up of the crest gives a quite reasonable likeness of the village church!

800 wBADGE-20150106-093649


800 wLEFT SIDE & BADGE-20150106-093649


800 wSIDE & FRONT VIEW-20150106-093649




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