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Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Winteringham Roll of Honour of those who served in the Armed Forces during the Great War


WWI Roll of Honour 800w

The names on the Roll of Honour are:

Altoft, William

Dawson, Sydney

Ogg, Charlie *

Burkill, George *

Dawson, Harold *

Ogg, Thomas

Burkill, Albert

Draper, Fred

Patrick, Harold

Brumby, William

Earl, William *

Porkess, Herbert

Barley, John

Field, Elias *

Porkess, Charlie

Brown, Frank *

Fenwick, Charlie

Patrick, Arthur

Brumby, William

Green, George

Patrick, Robert

Blanchard, William

Green, John

Routh, William

Burkill, Thomas

Green, Joseph *

Robinson, John *

Burkill, Christopher

Green, Albert *

Sutton, Robert

Brown, Harry

Howden, Joseph

Stockford, Charles

Bray, Harold

Howden, Charlie *

Simon, William

Barley, Arthur

Hawkins, Fred

Sutton, Bernard

Brumby, Harry

Kirkby, Fred *

Slingsby, Arthur

Burkill, John

Langton, Leonard

Slingsby, Henry

Brumby, Tom

Marshall, Arthur

Waterloo, Alfred

Clarke, Geogre

Otter, Fred

Warburton, Fred

Dodds, John *

Ogg, Reginald

Waterloo, George


Ogg, Harold



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NOV 14TH 1931 - Remembrance parade - 525w

Newspaper cutting of November 14th 1934.  (The reference in the headline to “after 13 years” is possibly 13 years after the War Memorial at Gate End was inaugurated).  Doubtless some of the men from the Roll of Honour are pictured here, and should anyone be able to put names to faces we would be grateful if you could let us know who they are, or tell Sandra Clayton who supplied the cutting, which was scanned by Ken Jacobs.  Winterton and Winteringham British Legions have traditionally supported on anothers Remembrance Services.  The photograph was taken outside the old chapel in West End, with the men facing the chapel.




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