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The Winteringham Man Who Won Wimbledon!

It’s true!  Back in 1886, a man raised in Winteringham won at Wimbledon, and with it a prize of 250 (equivalent to more than 100,000 in today’s money).

Not the now world famous tennis tournament though, where the winner received a grand total of 0.00!  Our man won a competition seen as far more important than tennis, and watched by huge crowds!

He was winner of the Queen’s Gold Medal for shooting, held on the ranges of Wimbledon Common (see for further details), which were later transferred to Disley.  His name was Private Jackson, of the First Lincolnshires, and had been raised a butcher’s son in High Burgage.  By the time of the competition, he was 33, and a printer and stationer in Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby, but he emphasised in all the papers that he had been brought up in Winteringham!

The best marksmen from all over the country were taking part - from Ayr and from Jersey, from Lancashire, and Sussex.

The competition was held in three stages, with the first stage having targets at 200, 500 and 600 yards, the second stage with targets at 500 and 600 yards, and the final stage with targets at 800 and 900 yards.  By the end of all three stages, Private Jackson had scored 265 points, but was tied with Colour Sergeant Barrett of the 1st Lancashire, and Corporal Richardson of the 2nd Cambridge.  This required a shoot off for the first prize of 250, with the second winning 60 and the third winning 40.  Before the shoot-off, the three finalists agreed that whatever the result, they would share the total prize money (350) equally between them.

Jackson won the shoot-off with a score of 10, Barrett gained 7 points, and Richardson 5.

A large crowd waited for two hours for the winner’s ceremony, when Lady Wilmot pinned the badge to his chest, and he was then paraded around the camps of the other competitors with military bands going before him playing “See the conquering hero comes.”  By the time he reached the Lincolns Camp, there were already telegrams awaiting him from his friends and relatives back home, congratulating him on his achievement!

We cannot be certain which of two brothers the winner was.  It was probably Charles H Jackson, but it could have been his brother William.  There was only one year between the brothers.

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