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Winteringham People

Winteringham people montageIt goes without saying that it is the people of Winteringham that have made it the place it has been, and that it has become.

This section is concerned with just some of those, but we’d like to add more - please send in any details of people that you think ought to be on the website.  Photographs are always welcome, and be assured that many people would be very interested.

The War Memorial is featured on the ‘We Shall Remember’ page, together with the names of the men on that memorial. 

The Scarbrough page features fascinating photographs of the Scarbrough family from the 19th century, together with original notes by Peter Jamieson to whom I am greatly indebted for his time and effort.

Hewde LaneWho in Hewde Lane?

Hewde Lane was previously known as "Puddingpoke Lane" - a Puddingpoke being an evil spirit or ghost, as the Hill was supposedly haunted.  We now discover that in the 1980s, a fresh report of an evil spirit was reported, when a tall man in black followed a young village lady home, and stood looking in her window before disappearing!  For further details,  Click here!


Famous People with Winteringham Connections

Rev Thomas Adam (1701-1784),
Rector of Winteringham, and author of several notable religious books, including “Private Thoughts on Religion.”

John Charles Burkill, (1900-1993)
Mathematician, Baptised in Winteringham

Lord Carrington

Lewis Carroll,
(Charles Dodgson) author of Alice in Wonderland, and photographer - including six photographs taken in Winteringham in 1863.

Saint Etheldreda

Fitzhugh family

King’s Champions

Newmarch family

Rev Edward Boteler,
King’s Chaplain and Royalist

Annie & Germaine Schwab,
former owners of Winteringham Fields

first King of Lindsey.  Some suggest that Winteringham is named after him and indicates the spot where Winta’s people (who were Angles) started settling ... that being the case, Winteringham was the starting point of a whole Kingdom!  For details, see here.

Dick Turpin,

William de St Barbara,
Bishop of Durham

Henry Kirke White,

Tony Jacklin,
Golfer, who lived in Low Burgage as a young boy, his parents running the fish and chip shop there.

Bryan Budd, VC.
Bryan worked at Winteringham Fields before joining the army, and winning the first posthumous VC for many years for his bravery in Afghanistan.  For citation, click here.

Some Winteringham People in Photos

Percy Hall
Photograph kindly supplied by Mary Fell

Mary tells us that Percy was the brother of Reginald Hall who died during the Second World War and is commemorated on the war memorial at Gate End.


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