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Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

National School In Photos 1992 (shortly before being converted to a house)

By kind permission of Mr and Mrs Isherwood


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The front facing West End.

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The classrooms were arranged in a “T” shape, which was a very typical design for Victorian village schools.

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The green fitting on the wall was a ventilator - again a typical fitting of the era when the school was built.  The idea of high window sills was to prevent children staring out when they should be working!

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Stoves such as this one were common throughout the life time of this school.  It would be surrounded by a protective guard, probably fired on coke, and would give out a fair amount of heat if kept stoked up.  However, tall ceilings (possibly the inside height has been reduced) helped with ventilation at the expense of heat, but with the school frequently being over-crowded, ventilation would still be a problem.

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