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Winteringham Church - interior about 1905
The Church interior, about 100 years ago from a postcard by Gledstone & Barnard of Hull.

Below, part of the right-hand side of the postcard has been enlarged to show the oil lamps, the pulpit, the lectern and the top of one of the radiators which was part of the 1899 heating scheme.

Winteringham Church pulpit


Winteringham Church Postcard, about 1907
This postcard was posted from the village on November 25th 1907, and franked at Winteringham Post Office.  The sender was “having a weekend here and enjoying myself”, and signed himself/herself simply “AC”, sending the card to Miss Jessie Gray of 112, Minster Moorgate, Beverley.

The card gives a good impression of the elms that once lined the Churchyard, and home to a colony of rooks, from which the houses called the Rookery, and Rookery Cottage gained their names.


About 100 years ago ....

The following three postcards are all from the collection of Mrs Marjorie Bratton, and all photographed by © Ken Jacobs 2005

Winteringham Church postcard - from gate


Winteringham Church interior - with oil lamps


Winteringham Church from West


Winteringham Church from the Hill

Winteringham Church from the Hill
Note the ivy on the Church tower; the “Tudor” Rectory - home to Henry Kirke White during his time at Winteringham, by this time outbuildings and stables for the Victorian Rectory (now known as the “Old Rectory”), and the tall elms that were home to a colony of rooks, and gave the Rookery its name - seen here at the bottom right.


Winteringham Church, possibly in Edwardian times
Winteringham Church, possibly in Edwardian times.  A wonderful, sharp focused photograph!


Church coloured 1906 - 1000 w

An Omblerette Series coloured view, taken from a similar position to the black and white one above it.



Church Postcard from Chris Snowdon


When this was photographed, it appears that some work was going on in the right foreground.


Church with cattle - improved 800w

Church with cattle from North-West





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