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Edward Boteler

Edward Boteler memorial window Winteringham Church - script

In memory of Edward Boteler MA Rector.  Suspended during the Commonwealth, afterwards Sub-Dean of Lincoln, Died 1670

Edward Boteler memorial window Winteringham Church

Edward Boteler was a fellow of St Mary Magdalen College in Cambridge, who became Rector of Winteringham in 1649.  The oldest of the three rectories was built for him.  As can be seen from the inscription on the window, he was suspended during the Commonwealth, reputedly for being a Royalist, and this would appear to be verified by a sermon he preached “God’s goodnesse in crowning the King declared in a sermon in the church of Kingston upon Hull, on the happy day of the coronation of His Sacred Majesty Charls [sic] the Second, April 23rd, 1661” 

This sermon was published in London in 1662 by G Bedd and T Collins.  Two years later, the same bookshop, based next to the Middle Temple Gate in the capital, published another of Boteler’s sermons.  This time it was “No home but heaven” which was preached at the funerals [sic] of the right worshipful Lady Sybilla Anderson in the Church of Broughton on October 30th 1661.

Boteler had been appointed King’s Chaplain in 1660.

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