Rectors of Winteringham from 1287

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Rectors and Curates of Winteringham from 1287

         Rogerus MarmionRectors of Winteringham 1287-1975
1287  Robertus Marmiun
1325  Thomas Kercy
1349  Johannes de Howton
1357  Robertus de Brun
1358  Adam de Tanfeld
1369  Alexander de Bryniston
1371  Robertus de Dalton
1401  Johannes de Kechyn
         Johannes Bellerby
1461  Johannes Cartmele
1478  Georgius Fitzhugh
1484  Thomas Wyrell
1491  Johannes Thomson
1519  Ricardus Roberts LLB
1545  Willelmus Haynes STB
1550  Henricus Aglionbie STP
1554  Roger Norton MA
c1559 Humphrey Natures
c1560 William Allot
1566 Robert Forman
1592 Thomas Forman MA

1623 Thomas Rainbowe MA.
1649 Edwardus Boteler.
1670 Gulielmus Potter SSTB.
1680 Nicholaus Sye AM
1723 Johannes Foss.MA
1726 Thomas Adam. AB
1784 Hon. John Lumley MA.***
        Hon J L Savile ***
1808 Francis Swan MA
1845 Thomas FR Read MA
1866 Charles Knowles MA
1899 Henry Townsend Sale MA
1911 Charles M Potts MA
1928 George Frazier Upton MA
1949 Cyril W Bailey
1962 Kenneth P Denton
1970 Victor Dixon (The last resident Rector of Winteringham)
1975 Geoffrey L Towell
1984 Anthony Peter Johnson
1988 George Peter Gunning
2000 Alison Frances Pledger
In February 2008, Winteringham Church was transferred to the Winterton - Roxby - Appleby Group, with the consequent change in Rector:
2008 Alice Nunn

Note: The following were Curates at Winteringham - these men living at the Rectory and looking after the religious lives of the parishioners:

1551 - 1551 Mylo Wether
1572 - 1585 Christopher Decon
1734 - 1734 Samuel Carter
1775 - 1780 Robert Storry
1781 - 1782 John Lawson
1783 - 1798 Samuel Knight **
1798 - 1799 W B Cocker
1799 Lorenzo Grainger.
1833 Henry Newmarch.
1837 (March to August) W Drake
1838 W C Moxon
1855-1858* F S Stockdale  (*approx, from entries in marriage register).
1861 H Mitchell
1864 George Booth Perry

As with Lorenzo Grainger, Samuel Knight appears to have tutored prospective University candidates, whilst at Winteringham, including “the most influential curate in Rowley Regis’s history” - Rev George Barr.

The History of Winterton and Surrounding Villages by W Andrew tells us that:
1835 The perpetual advowson of this living was sold by auction to the Rev, J. C. Rudstone Reed, of Frickley Hall, near Doncaster, for 6,050

*** The Hon John Lumley, and Hon J L Savile are not only one and the same, but also the 7th Earl of Scarbrough - Lord of the Manor (until the sale of the Winteringham Estate).  He had assumed the additional name of Savile by Royal License in 1807.



STP/STB/DD - the highest degrees awarded by Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Willelmus Haynes died in 1550.

Miles Wether was a curate at Winteringham in 1551

25th October 1550: Presentation of Henricus Aglionbie to Winteringham
13th November 1550: Admission of Henricus Aglionbye to Winteringham

20th March 1554: Presentation of Roger Norton to Winteringham
15th June 1554; Admission of Roger Norton to Winteringham

6th December 1559: Presentation of Humphrey Natures to Winteringham (as Clerk)

14th December 1559: Presentation of William Heron to Winteringham (as Rector)

27th June 1566: Resignation of William Alot from Winteringham


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