Gate End or Winteringham Stores

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Gate End, or Winteringham Stores

Winteringham Stores about 1900Not only is this shop the sole survivor of the main general shops in Winteringham, it is also one of the oldest known sites for shopping in Winteringham - though of course over time it has been much altered and enlarged.  It has also been under the greatest number of managements of any shop in the village, the latest being in 2006.

The picture to the left was taken in about 1905 (part of a postcard kindly supplied by North Lincolnshire Council Image Archive).  At the time that this photograph was taken it is believed to have been run by Gertrude Spencer.  In the 1901 Census the people living here were:

Gertrude Spencer, aged 54, a ‘Grocer Shopkeeper’, born in Hull;
Edith Otter, 21, the daughter of Gertrude Spencer, born in Winteringham
John Spencer, 19, son of Gertrude Spencer, a draper’s assistant, born in Winteringham

The shop had been in the Otter family for a very long time it would appear, as the 1851 census shows this shop being run by Miss Hannah Otter, 39, listed as a grocer and draper, with Elizabeth Walker aged 19 her assistant.  There were two others living at the address - William (80) and his wife, Ruth Otter (74).  William was listed as an annuitant. By 1889, Hannah still ran the shop according to the Kelly’s Directory of that year (though this may not be entirely dependable).  Hannah died on the 25th January 1898, and her headstone may still be seen in the Churchyard.




Waddingham - receipt front

Jenny Waddingham ran the shop in the 1930s, leaving it on July 22nd 1939.  The above being one of her bills.


Arthur Bell


In the middle of the twentieth century, the shop was run by Arthur Bell (see above), and then by the Co-operative Society.  At the time that this was a “Co-op Shop” the dividend was paid via a member’s number.

The shop at the time it was owned by Arthur Bell, with pages from an order book during his time as proprietor

Photos from Pat Hatton

Arthur Bell's shop 2 525w


Arthur Bell's shop 525w


Order book 1 - 525w


Order book.2 - 525w



This is what Elaine Harrison remembers of the time this was under Co-operative management: The Co-op was where the village shop is now.  The one thing I remember about the Co-op was the "divi", a forerunner of the loyalty bonus.  I can still quote our family "divi" number -18252.  Each time you spent in the Co-op shops you got a percentage added to your divi card.  When you had got enough points you could buy items in the store using the "divi" saved.  I think that a lot of my Grammar School uniform was bought using "divi"

Winteringham Stores 1990In the 1950s, under Co-op management, some of the things that villagers would buy from here would be “Camp” Coffee from a shelf behind the counter, cheese which was cut with a wire, and milk ‘checks’ which were small plastic discs to be placed on the doorstep, indicating to the milk roundsman which type of milk was required, and how many bottles.  A ham and bacon slicer was situated close to the door to the stockroom behind the shop.  A noticeboard on the side wall gave details of those players selected for Winteringham FC in the winter months.

Below: The shop in 1990, 1994, and 2005

Winteringham Stores 1994






Winteringham Stores 2005



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