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Winteringham Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Rose Queen
Mrs Bell Winteringham

Mrs Bell

Jane Bell, Winteringham

Jane Bell

Mrs McPhillips, Winteringham
Mrs Potts, Winteringham

Mrs Potts

Mrs Risebury, Winteringham
Harold Ogg, Winteringham

Harold Ogg

Mr Ogg, Winteringham

Mrs Risebury

Mr Ogg

Kathleen Cawkwell, Winteringham

Mrs McPhillips

Kathleen Cawkwell

Mrs Burkitt, Winteringham

Mrs Burkitt

Val Bell, Winteringham

Val Bell

Winteringham has had a fascinating history, interwoven of course with the River Humber.

The evidence is all around - from the pre-historic track of Yarlesgate cresting the hill, to its importance as a Roman town on the river crossing.  Later the Vikings sailed up the Estuary, and the village’s streets flowed with blood!

By the nineteenth century, Winteringham had had its own ‘industrial revolution’ and in the early years of the twentieth century it became part of the national rail network with proposals for a major development of the Haven into a port.

Taken in the mid-fifties, this photograph shows preparations underway for the Rose Queen procession from outside the Wesleyan Chapel on West End.  The cottage in the picture was pulled down in the early sixties.

The girl, partly hidden under the horse’s head is Jane Bell, with her mother on view between the horse’s head and the driver.  Bet Burkitt lived in the cottage and is the person second right of the door.  The gentleman with the coat over his arm is Harold Ogg, and on the extreme right is his son, the father of Elaine Harrison. (Information from Jane Harry - Jane Bell in the photo, and Elaine Harrison - whose father and grandfather are on the right of the photo).

If you can name any of the people (or the horse!) in the photo, let us know.

There is a second view of the Rose Queen preparations on the Memories/Photos page.

A picture of the 1925 Armistice Day parade available on the North Lincs Council Image Archive website was taken from almost the exact same spot.  The Archive is available by clicking here.

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