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Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Mr and Mrs Thompson, remembered by their grandson Graham

My Grandmother & Grandfather (Thomas & Marian Thompson) lived for many years (1950s to 1975 in Winteringham.  They lived in a cottage on Hill Crest with over an acre of land where my Granddad grew lots of lovely fresh vegetables & fruits in the rich dark soil - He used to get blood from the local abattoir  to feed the plants.

The church backed on to my grandparents garden and they were regular attendees.

My Granddad worked as head of the local blast-furnace until he retired.  I believe it was called Lysaghts.
Their cottage was in two halves and I remember them telling me that Tony Jaclyn (The golfer) rented it out when he was a young lad.

Although they had a good life in Winteringham, it was also quite hard, with the only toilet being at the end of the garden, they didn’t have a bathroom and only a coal fire downstairs for heating.  When as children my sisters and I visited them, it was like stepping back in time.

My granddad died around 1975 and was buried in the churchyard next door and then my grandmother moved south to live with us.

Seven years ago I came with my Dad to Scunthorpe for a 70 year reunion of his first year at Scunthorpe Grammar School.  WE stayed in Scawby but paid a visit to Winteringham and didn’t recognise it.  There were a load more houses, no blocked in windows and no derelict buildings as I remembered as a child.    It took us a long time to find my grandparents cottage as their garden, and most of the churchyard as we recall, had been built on.

I hope these memories are of interest to you.

Kind Regards,

Graham Thompson

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