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Flyer Robinson's 50s & 60s

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Winteringham in the 1950s and 1960s by Anthony ‘Flyer’ Robinson

It would have been 1954 that a new family moved into Winteringham to live in the old Station Masters House in Low Burgage next to the redundant railway station. A photograph of both is featured in your gallery. The property comprised of the house with cold running water via a inside tap, a pump that required water put into the top to prime it before it drew water from one of the two wells on the property into the kitchen there was NO Hot water like today’s houses this had to be boiled by kettle or in a large copper across the yard on wash days in what was called the wash house and then transferred to the dolly tub and the posher a copper cone with the bottom closed in and a series of holes drilled in it to allow the movement of water that was fixed to a brush shaft, and not forgetting the dolly tub and dolly (I think that’s what is called a three legged device with shaft and a bar at the top to allow garments to be moved around in the tub in a backward and forward motion ( was this the forerunner of today’s washers) also this block of buildings contained the coal house and toilet this was rather primitive as it was emptied once a week by the council into a special lorry. Bath night was in a large tin bath in front of the fire in the kitchen the water once again heated in the wash house copper and then emptied into the sink (drain) in the yard when finished with.

A large front and back garden with orchard, along side the southern boundary ran a Public Footpath which was classed as part of our property as it still belonged to the railway. This ran from Low Burgage to a swing gate that was designed to be closed one way at all times to use the gate one stepped into the space at the end of the gate then swung it over to the other side which opened up the opposite side and allowed you on your way to where it joined the paths to Ferry Lane and Marsh Lane. On the northern boundary just over the fence was one of the track beds and platform. This was I believe to be the goods line. The Station property was owned by a gentleman called Boy Routh who lived in the station buildings that been converted into a bungalow type dwelling, he also ran a second hand business from one of the site buildings.

Anthony Robinson, Herbert Silverwood, Jennifer Fenwick and Bill Fenwick, at Winteringham Chapel 1966
Anthony at the Chapel in West End with Herbert Silverwood a Methodist Evangelist,
and (front) Jen Fenwick and her brother Bill, 1966


Our family the Robinson`s comprised of dad who worked for British Rail, mum who were Ron and Ruth, sadly to say have both passed on. Myself Anthony better known as Flyer (nickname gained at school and been called for over 40 + years) twin brothers (two years younger than me) John and William the later is better known as Bill.

I had attended my first couple of school terms at Caistor which involved being bussed to and from Bigby where we lived at the time.

Now living in Winteringham I walked to school but at the age of eleven it was back to being bussed to the Secondary Modern School at Winterton until attaining the school leaving age.


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