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The Flyer Robinson Stories ... 2

Stories from a Winteringham Childhood in the 1950s and sixties, recalled by Anthony Flyer Robinson

Freezing and Flaming down by the Humber...

Other things that come to mind is the Public Transport that served the village like the 110 and 111 Lincolnshire Road Car that ran hourly,  the 110 bus ran via Winterton and Roxby to Scunthorpe, the 111 went Winterton and down the hill to Thealby, Burton and on to Scunthorpe. These busses were timed so that passenger were able to catch the New Holland Ferry services to Hull. Saturdays saw an extra bus running half hourly from near the Post Office to Scunthorpe and back. But most of the buses had been withdrawn, the Ferries taken out of service as the Humber Bridge opened I have no idea how many run now. At that time many of the drivers and conductors were local and we got to know them very well.

One of the conductors that springs to mind was a lady called Doris Skinner who lived at Winterton in the house next to the Selling Centre. I think that at that time more respect was shown to passengers and bus crews than there is today maybe us youngsters then knew that if our parents were told of our misbehaviour then we were in trouble and their punishment or words was taken notice of more than it is in most cases today.

Back down to the river we used two ways to get to it one by the road to what we called Barley’s Dock and across the bank to the railway track bed which the yacht club building fronts onto now, or by the track bed from water side road on our cycles this way any speed you were going at when you came over the bridge could be kept up or increased until the old railway dock was seen then it was time to slow down and stop before you ended in the river. Many happy hours were spent playing games like hide and seek or cow boys and indians etc there in the long grasses and bushes I wonder how many more kids got the same enjoyment like we did before the Yacht Club took the Haven over.

One thing that I don’t think I will ever forget is when the river froze up and going down with my parents to look at it just as the light was fading.  The sight was truly amazing and as the ice moved the creaking and booming sounds that was made as the large chunks of ice tried to move around and over each other.

There were three fires in the village when I lived there, one at the Maltkilns in Low Burgage which happened when I was away for the day and arriving home after dark there was nothing to see but the smell of smoke was every where but in the morning I could see what was left. The other fire was when the remains of what was the Railway Dock was set on fire - this also happened when I was away on holiday.  There was another fire this was in the long grass down at the river.  This time I was at home and remember the fire appliance filling up with water from a hydrant near to our house and going to ask if they would flash their lights and sound the horns for my brother who was ill and looking from the bed room window that faced them and the river to which my request was fulfilled and the fire man also gave him a wave .

I have many happy memories of living there like watching the ships and barges sailing up and down the Humber especially when the deep water channel was on the south side, watching the aeroplanes from Brough on the north bank like the Beverley with is twin tail booms and rear doors open or closed and the Buccaneer a low level fighter bomber performing test flights until the tall chimney was built at North Ferriby that was at the end of the air field ended them. Others were of earning extra pocket moneys by potatoes picking, bean and pea pulling, bush beating for the local farmers.

Going to work from Winteringham, and going home to Winterton ...

When I left school my first employment was with a Winteringham firm of Mr C. A. Gray builder and joiner whose yard was at one of the bungalows on Winterton Rd where I learned about the building trade. I then moved on and worked as a Signal man for British Rail in Scunthorpe and was placed in the signal box at Dragonby this being at the southern end of the single line that had run to the station at Winteringham. I also had other types of employment like civil engineering and the steel works in Scunthorpe My last employment ended a few years back when I was working for B Line Industries making blinds when I retired through ill health.

Towards the end of the 1960s British Rail put the Station Masters House up for sale, my father being the tenant was given first choice of purchasing it but he declined the offer and we moved to Winterton.

This was a sad day I left for work that was in the Winterton area with Mr Gray and at finishing time I made my way up the road to our new house there. Winterton is where Bill still lives, John lives at Appleby each with their respective families. As for myself I now live in Scunthorpe with my wife as our family three girls and one boy have left home and have families of their own.

Out of all the memories of my time spent in your village one of the best sights was standing on the bridge over the drain outlet into the haven looking south up into the village with the sun shining onto it and the different colours from the buildings shining out after a shower of rain with the darker rain clouds behind it.

I often wonder what the children of today would do if they were to live as we did with very little TV only good old fashioned `steam radio` no game consoles etc and having to make their own amusement like we did.

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