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Winteringham Memories

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David Harrison’s Winteringham Memories

I remember Winteringham with a lot of good memories.

I mostly remember Maltkiln House, Low Burgage, Winteringham where my grandparents Gertrude and Ralph Harrison and my uncle Aiden and Aunty Joan lived.

This is where I spent nearly all my school holidays, with my mother Marie and two sisters  Barbara and Elizabeth. My father Arthur Harrison being a master mariner was away at sea working between Japan and Australia for a company called The China Navigation Line. He was only home for six months every two years.

I used to go to Jim Sewell's farm in Marsh Lane, Winteringham, working on the farm. It was a small farm with a few cows and cereal crops in most of the fields. He eventually got rid of the cows to give himself more spare time. I know Jim used to like to see a test match at Headingley every year. There was a man who worked for Jim called Mr.Brumby.  He lived with his wife in a cottage in Low Burgage. They had a daughter who lived in America, and they went over and visited her one time.

Walking down Low Burgage turning left to the cut through path to Marsh Lane, where I turned right over the bridge and onto the farm.

Several jobs come to mind... harvest time having cut the cereals we used to stack the sheaves into ricks so that the cereal could dry. There was potato picking time, also there was planting seed potatoes sat at the machine at the back of the tractor and when the bell rang putting a seed potato down the hole.. There were times when I was stood on the back of the trailer spreading muck with a fork over the field and so it went on.

All good fun.  Jim Sewell eventually sold the farm and in a small field near the bridge he had some houses built and lived in one of them, he called the place Headingley.

Headingley, Winteringham

Another lad who worked at the farm was Michael Dunn.  I lost track of him a lot of years ago. My cousin Christopher Snowdon (one of Winifred's sons) used to go to Perce Ogg's farm.. Marsh Farm.

I can remember Jim Sewell in his pony and trap delivering milk from an urn.

I can remember the wagon coming around and shifting the 'night soil'

Next door to Maltkiln House was a storage place used for storing cereals and other things.  It is now the site of a church.

When I was about five or six my father took me down to the railway station.. and he got talking to the engine driver and the fireman eventually they offered to give me a short ride on the train. But I refused to go on the train. Eventually the railway shut down and it became a storage for bicycles I think it was.

There were only the two pubs in the village - the Ferryboat and the Bay Horse and I was back there recently and how they have changed(hasn't everthing).

My grandparents ran the Ferryboat pub I can only vaguely remember it.

Opposite the Bay Horse pub was a slaughter yard.. You could at times see a dead pig on a cradle and someone was shaving the hair off the carcase.

On the corner of West End/High Burgage was the Co-op shop (now the post office), then on the corner of School Lane and High Burgage was a shop I think called Potts. Further up High Burgage was the bus garage/depot. Around the corner from the Co-op shop in West End was the Post Office. Further along West End just up the hill was a small shop which was owned by Terry Teal's father  I think. Then in Silver Street next to the bus stop was a fish and chip shop.

Terry played cricket for the village team with my uncle Aiden. I used to go with my uncle and if the team was a man short then I got a game.  I remember fielding on Winteringham's home pitch in the four chestnut trees field. The pitch itself was ok but the surrounding out field consisted of large clumps of grass. I was fielding at long stop behind the wicket keeper on the boundary.. I don't think I stopped many boundaries being scored but I do remember one ball coming straight at me along the ground.. I bent down and put my hands in front of me determined to stop the ball going for four runs. Just as I thought I had the ball it hit one large clump of grass in front of me and leapt over my shoulder and over the boundary for four runs,. even at that young age a few choice words seemed appropriate for the occasion.

I think Terry and my uncle Aiden used get best batsman and best bowler of the year awards most years they played, (or was it the other way around)

Has anyone got any stories of the people in the village, the cricket team , football team etc

David Harrison

Headingley, Winteringham

Photographs taken by Ken Jacobs, with kind permission from Stewart Simon

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