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Cleethorpes in the 1950s

Top photograph and information supplied by Sandra Clayton and Val Peill

Pals 1933 - Mr Herbert Fell

Left to right: Val Barber,  Linda Meek,  Christine Barber, Val Bell.

This photograph was taken at Cleethorpes Open Air Bathing Pool, whilst on a Winteringham Chapel trip to Cleethorpes about 1954-5.  Cleethorpes Leisure Centre now stands on the site of this pool, and at the time the photograph was taken was the terminus for the trolley buses, which had a massive turning circle here - explaining why to this day the junction is so large!

Cleethorpes Prom Late 1950s

Strolling down Cleethorpes Promenade in the late 1950s are the editor, his mother Florence Kirk, Mrs Burton who lived in West End, and Janet Kirk.  There’s a fine selection of late fifties vehicles parked up, and throughout the summer Cleethorpes Railway Station’s many platforms were full of trains, including holiday specials.  (Cleethorpe had the ‘s’ added to its name by the railway company by the way - unlike the other places further down the Lincolnshire coast ending in thorpe).  At the far end of the Promenade was Wonderland, the roller-coaster, and a live-steam miniature railway.

Back in Winteringham, the most evocative sound of summer was (as far as I’m concerned) sitting on our front wall, as Mr and Mrs Burton’s radiogram was the source of “Rosemarie” or “I’ll take you home again Kathleen” - both by Slim Whitman (1955, and 1957 respectively) - with the tune drifting down a warm West End Sunday afternoon from their open door!  Magic!

The Bell and Parkinson families at Cleethorpes

Sandra Clayton sent this photograph of her family (the Bells).  Sandra is on the left of this photo, whilst the Parkinsons from Hewde Lane are immediately behind.  This was a Chapel outing like the top picture on the page, and this time taken close to the Brighton Street slipway.  And just look at those spotless shoes worn by both families!

Young Flyer and family at Cleethorpes

Not too keen on being photographed, Flyer gets plenty of attention from his mum (left) and her friend.  Jimmy Slater’s Follies is advertised on the board at the left.

Flyer and his mother at Cleethorpes

A happier and older Flyer, again with mum on Cleethorpes Promenade.  Flyer says: “The ball mum is holding was from one of the shops near to Hawkeyes Cafe between the railway station and Wonderland as the family was sat on the sands opposite it.”

Flyer and Shirley

Flyer and future wife Shirley on Cleethorpes Prom on Whit Monday 1969 (above) and below the photo wallet - how many Winteringham folks remember Cortina Portraits?

There’s more of Fley’s Cleethorpes photos here.

Cleethorpes bevy of beauties!

Here’s a bevy of Winteringham beauties on the promenade at Cleethorpes.

From left to right: Linda Meek,  Rita Cowling [she later married Graham Taylor the England manager], Val Bell, Jane Bell, Christine Barber, Sandra Bell.



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