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Flood Landscapes - the Humber overflows Sluice Lane


Flood Landscapes - the Humber overflows Sluice Lane1

Until the mid-1950s, flooding was common on the A1077 Sluice Lane (Ferriby Road) beyond Low Farm.  Whenever very high-tides were expected (as indicated by the roadside noticeboard) the road was “Liable to tidal flooding.”

These photographs were taken in 1952 to support moves for road improvements and flood defences.

Above: Waters pour over Sluice Lane from the bordering River Humber whose ‘normal’ banks are to the left of the marker posts.  Eastwoods Cement Factory (as it was then - now it is the Rugby Cement Factory) is in the centre of the picture.

Friday 5th September 1952 7:50am

Flood Landscapes - the Humber overflows Sluice Lane2

 The waters reach their high-point...

©Crown Copyright 1952  Reproduced with the permission of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office

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