Winteringham Garden Party 1912

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Garden Party June 13th 1912

This picture was very kindly supplied by Mary Fell

The full picture is given at the bottom, the first three pictures are close-ups of the assembled gathering, from the left-hand side (top picture) middle (second picture) and right-hand-side (third picture).  The photograph was taken at the Rectory (now called the Old Rectory).  Mary believes that Doris Sutton is the lady fourth in from the right, second row (best seen on picture 3 below).  If any more names can be added to this photograph, we’d be very grateful.

Beverley Lucas has now added some names (see notated photo below), as has Sandra Cooper (See photo with arrows)

Winteringham Garden Party 1912 - Left
Winteringham Garden Party 1912 - Centre
Winteringham Garden Party 1912 - Right


Garden Party names by Bev Lucas

Garden Party 1912 with Brumby names - 800w

Names kindly supplied by Sandra Cooper, who also adds the following information about the Brumbys in the photograph:

My name is Sandra Louise Cooper youngest daughter of Donald James Axon (who will be 92 in 2013).
My Father is one of five sons of Martha Ann Brumby (married name Axon) and the grandson of Jane Brumby (nee Robinson)
My Father remembers his grandmother Jane very clearly and can identify her and the Brumby family group in the 1912 Garden Party photograph
Billy was Jane and William Brumbys oldest Child (did marry and have children but died in motor cycle accident)
Martha Ann was the eldest daughter married Charles Axon and had five sons (middle son - my father)
Elijah also died in motor cycle accident
Mary never married no children


Winteringham Garden Party 1912


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