High Burgage, Winteringham

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

High Burgage

High Burgage about 1905

High Burgage looking south from outside the Bay Horse.  The later railings and fence have yet to be erected, and the blacksmith’s forge is visible beyond Market Hill.

This photograph is reproduced by kind permission of the North Lincolnshire Council Image Archive. 

It is just one of many views of Winteringham held in the Archive.  To go to the collection, please click the photograph.

Another view of High Burgage

Bray's Shop, Winteringham
Two men, High Burgage, Winteringham

This post card was very kindly supplied by Mary Fell.  We have enlarged some sections of the post card to show some of the detail

Left: outside Bray’s Shop, two boys, and possibly Mr Bray.

Right: two gentlemen pose for the camera..

5 children in High Burgage Winteringham
The old Primitive Chapel and Ferry Boat Inn, High Burgage, Winteringham
Dog in High Burgage Winteringham

The five children were doing well holding their pose, until the little dog moved and caught the attention of the oldest girl above; whilst left we can see the Primitive Methodist Chapel and the Ferry Boat Inn.

High Burgage Winteringham, early 20th century

Mary Fell’s postcard above in it’s full glory, whilst below is a postcard owned by Chris Snowdon from a totally different series ... yet, apart from animals and humans, it would appear to have been taken just a few months before or after the upper postcard!  It’s tempting to use the old game of “Spot the Differences!”  The fence this side of Bray’s shop appears to be a different colour, and the posters on the blacksmith’s shop on the opposite side of Market Hill are changed (or ripped off) whilst in Chris’s card there appears to be a poster on the ‘window’ facing Market Hill.  But as far as we can see, everything else is the same.  It shows how popular postcards of the village were - that you could have two similar views of High Burgage, presumably selling well!

High Burgage Winteringham from a postcard owned by Chris Snowdon

The Co-op Butcher’s Van

Co-op Butchers Van Here’s the SCS (Scunthorpe Co-operative Society) van, now thought to be somewhere in Scunthorpe rather than Winteringham. Whilst the butcher and butcher’s boy pause for the camera, others were more excitable.  How many folk can you spot in the picture?  We think it’s seven!

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