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Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

High Burgage

Winteringham - the Ferry Boat Inn, Primitive Chapel, and High Burgage
Winteringham - the woman in the doorway of the Ferry Boat Inn

The Ferry Boat Inn in High Burgage, probably by Andrews who took many postcards of the village and sold them in his shop on West End.  Moor and Robsons, Celebrated Hull Ales, also owned both the maltkilns in the village at the time.  Next door lived Edmund Cordeaux, the mayor of Winteringham, and due to live eventually to the age of 102.  Then we have the Primitive Methodist Chapel which last from 1868 to 1944 as a chapel, before conversion to other uses.  Beyond is Edwin Bray’s shop and at the end of High Burgage the Bay Horse Inn.  The first house on the right, with the bay windows was Mill House.


Pictured left is the lady standing in the doorway of the Ferry Boat Inn.


Picture courtesy of Les Burkill, scanned by Ken Jacobs.

A little further down High Burgage or Borage.  This is not the only example of this spelling.

Picture courtesy of Les Burkill, scanned by Ken Jacobs.

Edwin Bray’s grocer’s shop, with some wares also exhibited on the raised pavement.  Next door to Brays lived Henry Waddingham and his family - he was a shipbuilder, then Hannah Horberry, and lastly the shop of Gertrude Spencer.

Picture courtesy of Les Burkill, scanned by Ken Jacobs.

A high resolution version of this postcard is on the Hi-Res site here (a different copy of the same postcard)

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