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Low Burgage

Low Burgage Winteringham
This photograph was kindly supplied by Marjorie Bratton, and scanned by Ken Jacobs.

Low Burgage, looking north towards the Humber.

The Bay Horse is to the left, with the original Wesleyan Chapel the second building on the right.  Sticking our into the road is the maltkiln, and on the horizon the building of the boatyard.

Flyer says:

A bit before my time but still recognisable with what is now on the east side what is now Winteringham Fields, the old Chapel / Reading Room and Maltkilns sticking out. Beyond that the white cottages in which Mr Bill Ellis who was a shunter on NLLR during the time I worked at Normanby Park North signal box. Next was the house of Mr Clarke.and the last one on that side was the home of the Wardles after they gave up the Bay Horse public house which I believe became the home of the Wingates from Havelock Place.  Moving north again was a field that Mr Harrison used. From the bend in the hedge the next field was one that belonged to Clarke's Farm on Silver Street, this was where the fair was held and in the background is the buildings of the boatyard.  The wall at the forefront of the photograph has been altered and now has the War memorial standing there.

The public house looks rather strange having the brickwork showing. The ivy had gone from the gable end and was painted white when I lived in the Street.

The building that has me somewhat puzzled is the last one on the west side I note that there are windows facing south and from the distance down the road I would have to make a guess that it was one of the mills of the village.  I note coming south from this building on the west side that there is a gap with only hedges
There is no sign of any entrance to the railway (probably still to come) or Havelock Place.  The foreground has a horse and cart and  by the white cottages on the east side too (both being of one horsepower)

Low Burgage, on postcard posted by Thomas Brumby

This photo is from a post card belonging to Chris Snowdon.

This postcard would appear to have been taken at roughly the same time as the one above.  Indeed, judging by the identical appearance of the branches on the trees, it could even have been taken on the same day!  In the distance on this card, there appears to be a horse and cart with a boy walking on the side of the road to the left ... could that be the cart that has climbed Low Burgage and been captured on film by the same photographer?  Below is the back of the postcard.  It reads: “Dear friend having a week end at home alec is with me having a good time with best From Thos Brumby  This is our house and trees in our garden.”  Addressed to 2, North Parade, Bootham, York.  That street still exists.

Low Burgage Post Card - rear


Low Burgage

This photograph was kindly supplied by Kay Ashberry, and scanned by Ken Jacobs.

Low Burgage, looking north towards the Humber.  There is no date on the post card, but it may be the 1930s (the war memorial does not have the inserted stone listing the fallen men of Winteringham from WWII.)  The four cyclists appear ready to set off for a jaunt ... or perhaps Winteringham was their destination?  Do readers recognise any of the cyclists?

Low Burgage Cyclists



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