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Manor Farm Cattle

Some of the cattle of “The Winteringham Herd of Pure-Bred Attested British Friesians”

Fred Willis and a Winteringham pedigree Friesian

Fred Willis, Manager of Manor Farm, and one of his prize-winning herd

Photograph and information courtesy of Katharine Willis

Rol Jane and handler Thomas Peill

Rol Jane, with Thomas Peill

Perhaps the most famous of the herd, Rol Jane gave 50 tons of milk before she was eight years old!  This photo is believed to have been taken at the Co-op farm at Roxby which was part of the Winteringham Co-op farm. The man holding the cow was Thomas Peill, head herdsman on the Co-op or Manor Farm. Initially the family lived at the Roxby farm and then moved to Winteringham in 1953 approx. Thomas went to all the great agriculture shows with the cattle and to dairy shows at Olympia and London. When the farm closed Thomas went to work on the steelworks but retired later to Winteringham and lived to the ripe old age of 96. 

Photograph courtesy of Katharine Willis, information courtesy of Katharine Willis, Sandra Clayton and Eric Peill

Winteringham Primrose 2nd

Winteringham Primrose 2nd

Winteringham Primrose 2nd won milking trials at the Great Yorkshire Show in 1950.  The handler in the picture is a man called Charlie Dent brother to Joe Dent. He lived at Roxby and worked for the Co-op Farm who also owned Manor Farm. Looking at the picture we think we think that it is taken at Winterton Show when it was held in the park down Park Street, Winterton, the original home of the show.  

Photograph courtesy of Katharine Willis, information courtesy of Katharine Willis, Sandra Clayton and Eric Peill


The Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph on July 3, 1958, reported: "The society's famous Winteringham herd of pure-bred attested British Friesian cattle are to be auctioned on Monday and a week later the herd's home, Manor and Mere farms, Winteringham, will be similarly disposed of. "The decision had been taken by the Society's board of directors.

"The herd, consisting of 100 head built up over a period of many years, has won awards at the London Dairy Show and numerous dairy shows throughout the country."

The report said the herd had first class high yielding animals, some of which had produced seven gallons of milk a day.

"The herd's annual overall milk average during the past seven years is claimed to be between 1,400 and 1,500 gallons per cow."

The report said the milk from the herd supplied the Co-op's dairy but the shortfall from the sale would be made up elsewhere.

"The Manor and Mere Farms have a total of 381 acres of arable land with Manor House and buildings, Glebe House and buildings and seven cottages, three in Winteringham and four at the Mere farmstead."

A report on July 8, 1958, noted the dairy herd was sold for 18,000 in four hours.

"About 800 people crammed the three 'grandstands' erected in the farmyard as the action began. More than half were still there when the sale closed." The secretary of the Scunthorpe Co-operative Society, Mr W Auty, said it was a very satisfactory result.

"The highest price of 660 guineas was paid for Winteringham Welcome Ruth, a six-year-old who had been awarded prizes at the 1955 London Dairy Show."

Winteringham Welcome Ruth with Thomas Peill

Winteringham Welcome Ruth with Thomas Peill (see Evening Telegraph story above)
Photograph courtesy of Katharine Willis, information courtesy of Katharine Willis, Sandra Clayton and Eric Peill


Terling Inveterate

Terling Inveterate - the bull - with Thomas Peill
Photograph courtesy of Katharine Willis

Winteringham Lady Grace

Winteringham Lady Grace
Photograph courtesy of Katharine Willis


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