Marsh Lane

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Marsh Lane

Sandra and Jane Bell in Marsh Lane, early 1950s

Jane and Sandra in Marsh Lane

Crossing no gatesHere’s a fascinating photograph. The two young girls are Jane Bell (on the left) and her cousin Sandra, outside Sandra’s home, in the early 1950s.  On the left are the buildings of Glebe Farm, owned by the Co-op at the time, with the enormous wooden silo towering over that part of the lane.  Right next to the brick building is the old-style warning sign of a level crossing with no gates (example illustration, left) which has a red triangle above , and is mounted on a post painted black and white. By the time this photograph was taken, the railway was officially closed, though it was used for several years as wagon storage before the rails were taken up and used at a colliery.

The photo is taken from almost the same spot as the postcard used as the banner at the top of all the pages on this website, but looking north, rather than south.

Photo courtesy of Sandra Clayton.

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