Meggitt Cottage, Winteringham

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Meggitt Lane Cottage

Meggitt Cottage, Winteringham

Meggitt Cottage was down Meggitt Lane, facing the church.  An excellent idea is given of its position in regard to the church in the Lewis Carroll picture of Winteringham Church taken in 1863.  This also shows it before the brick extension was built on its western end.

Colin Curtis lived here during the 1940s, and he has written a wonderful account of the war years and afterwards for the site.  To read Colin’s account, please click here.

The picture below was acquired from the Ladley family (my profuse apologies for not knowing which member, and therefore attributing the photograph only to ©Ladley) by Val Peill, and sent to us by Ken Jacobs.

Val Peill tells us that it’s name may be derived from a nailmaker called John Meggitt, who married a widow named Prudence Wells.

Val says: This cottage stood in Meggitt Lane, and was demolished in 1966.  Whilst researching the Parish records I came across the surname 'Meggitt' several times.  Could this be the people from which the name of the Lane derives?  In 1777, John Meggitt married Prudence Wells (widow) and John's occupation was entered as a nail maker.  Apparently, although I have not researched this, a three cornered field in the lane was known as Meggitt's Field.  Val Peill (nee Bell)

This photograph was taken on a Monday - as older viewers of the site will of course be aware.

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