National School - inside

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National School - Inside, when used as a hall

Marjorie BrattonThis photograph is reproduced by kind permission of Marjorie Bratton, and scanned ©Ken Jacobs 2005

Winteringham National School

After the National School closed in the late 1920s, the building continued to be used for a variety of functions.  These included dances, parties, film shows, jumble sales and other fund-raising events.

This photograph was taken from the back of the hall, looking towards West End (i.e. looking north).  The entrance to this - the main classroom - was in the corner at the far right.  It is believed that this was the classroom for the older children.  The other classroom - which was entered via the door at the right hand side of the photograph - would be for the infant children.

Various directories put the capacity of the school at 150 children (up to and including the Kelly’s Directory of 1889), which later became 143 (up to and including the Kelly’s Directory of 1909), and by 1913 at 110, though average attendances quoted are generally between 80 and 90.  If full to capacity, it is difficult for us to imagine perhaps 100 children in this fairly small room, and though actual attendances were much smaller, it is still likely that perhaps 60 children would be taught in this room, with another 30 in the room next door!

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