Paddle Steamers at Winteringham 1907

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Landing at Winteringham Haven - July 13th 1907

Marjorie BrattonThis photograph is reproduced by kind permission of Marjorie Bratton, and scanned ©Ken Jacobs 2005

PS Atalanta and PS Isle of Axholme landing passengers near Winteringham Haven


July 13th 1907 was a great day for Winteringham for two reasons.  Not only was it the Winteringham Sports, but also the date of the opening of the North Lindsey Light Railway with a Sports Club Special.  Here however, passengers aboard the paddle steamer Atalanta (based at Goole) look none-too-impressed at the prospect of disembarkation, climbing down and then onto duck-boards supplied by Routh and Waddingham’s Boatyard.  However, the ship by this time had been plying the Humber for 56 years, and would continue to do so until the First World War, and doubtless was used to such fearful-looking manouevres!

The second ferry in the background is the “Isle of Axholme” (based at Gainsborough) and awaits its turn to disembark its passengers.

If you’d like to see whether the passengers did alight safely, click here!

This is part of Winteringham’s “Best Weekend Ever!”  For details of the weekend, click here

Passengers on the PS Atalanta worry about alighting

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