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Wesleyan Chapel, Rose Queen

Winteringham Wesleyan Chapel Rose Queen Procession c 1954

A second view of the Rose Queen Procession (the first is on the ‘Local History’ page), as it prepares to leave the Wesleyan Chapel on West End, 1955.  As well as having more people in shot, this also gives a better view of how this part of West End looked before the ‘unfortunate’ demolition of the old cottages in the right foreground.

Jane Bell is the young girl whose legs can be seen under the horses head, with her mother whose head is visible immediately to the left of the driver.  To the right of the doorway is Bet Burkitt, talking to Harold Ogg, and just in shot on the right is Harold Ogg’s son - father of Elaine Harrison.  (Information from Jane Harry (nee Bell) and Elaine Harrison (nee Ogg)

If you know any of the other people in this photograph, we would be pleased to hear from you.

The Annual Chapel Event was not a May Queen procession but a Rose Queen event usually in July and the 'queen' was crowned at the Annual Garden party. For a number of years during my childhood this event was held in the ground of 'Granny Smith's' cottage on Silver Street but by the time I was crowned as Rose Queen (probably about 1959) the garden party was held in the grounds of Mrs Cawrey's home. The only other duty I performed during my year was to go to the event at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe to hand over the money the Sunday School had raised to Barnados. The Sunday School still has a 'queen' but she is no longer known as the Rose Queen.

Christine Hammond

Note: We originally thought this was a May Queen procession, and labelled it as such.

Wesleyan Chapel, Fancy Dress, 1958

Wesleyan Chapel Fancy Dress 1958 - 12062010
Fancy dress, in Granny Smiths orchard (at the annual chapel summer fair), 1958.
Left to Right :- Dorothy Birkett, Lynn Burnell, Valerie Bent, Helen Bent.
Val says: “I think Lynn and I won first prize as hula hula girls, and Dorothy and Helen, as Indian ladies
were the runners-up.”

Photograph courtesy of Valerie Mercer (Valerie Bent in the photograph) and scanned by Jamie Crowston

Wesleyan Chapel Rose Queen 1959 - both photos below courtesy of Lorna Tomlinson, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

Rose Queen 1959 - 800w

Taken from outside the West End Chapel, Margaret Wilson (with crown) the retiring Rose Queen, and Diane Todd, the new Rose Queen are centre stage!

Rose Queen Fancy Dress winners 1959 - 800w

Fancy Dress Winners at the 1959 Rose Queen Event

1st Roy Gray and Alma Culley (in the car)

2nd Linda Appleton (Dutch Girl)

3rd Janette Duck (Beat the Strike)

Sandra Clayton writes:

The fancy dress picture evokes many lovely memories of the chapel field day or Granny Smith's field day as we called it because it was held at Granny Smith's on Silver Street and was the event of the year in the village. I bet many of you can remember it too. I remember the teas being served in the barn and the lovely plates with a pink rim that the tables were set with and all the lovely sandwiches and cakes served up especially Kath Burkill's mock crab sandwich filling.  There were lots of games and stalls in the orchard, hoop la, bowling the skittles, cake stall etc. and then after tea the people in the fancy dress would meet at Town End. Kath Burkill would organize them  and they would process down High Burgage , up Silver Street and into Granny Smith's garden where they would be judged. The day was rounded off with sports in the orchard organised by Alan Frost . I remember he banged on an old  biscuit tin for the start of each race. I think you got money prizes if you won. There was always a long distance race round Water Side at the end and there was a silver cup held for a year for the winner.  I wonder what happened to the cup?    Happy times. Sandra


Wesleyan Chapel Rose Queen about 1960

Wesleyan Chapel  Rose Queen about 1960
Rev Crewe is second left on the back row.  The new Queen is June Hall, and the retiring Queen is Christine Bray (to the right of the Queen).
Unknown adult, Rev Crewe, Standard Bearer: Val Simons, Christine Bray, Pat Walker, Angela Hall, 2 unknown adults
David Bray, Jenny Fenwick, Jenny Richardson, Jane Burkill, June Hall, Stevie Burkill, Robert Standerline
Ann Gregson, Joy Fenwick, Wendy Fenwick, ? Cook, ? Cook, Unknown
Photograph: Kath Burkill and scanned by Christine Hammond (Christine Bray in the photo - the retiring Rose Queen)
Names supplied by Christine Hammond and Flyer Robinson



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