School Road, Winteringham, 1950s

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School Road in the 1950s

Winteringham School Road in the 1950s


Here’s a 1950s evening view looking across School Road in July 1956 from Southside, and on towards the Humber.


The farmyard in the foreground is that of Earlsgate Farm.  The entrance to the farm is off the picture to the right, with a path behind the farm building leading through the farmyard.  The roof of the maltkiln in Low Burgage can be seen towards the right of the photo, whilst on the left is one of the horse chestnut trees on West End opposite Manor Farm.


A wonderful piece of Winteringham captured shortly before the bungalows were built on the stackyard.  And of course, “missing” from the background is the Humber Bridge which these days would dominate the middle distance.


School Road - Ladies - enlarged


Just in case anyone can hazard a guess at who the ladies in the photo could be, Ken’s enlarged that section of the original.


Photo supplied by Geoff Greaves/Phil Jacklin and scanned by Ken Jacobs


Winteringham: Earlsgate Farm Stackyard 1950s


Taken from the same window on Southside, looking across School Road, August 1955.  Earlsgate Farm stackyard is a hive of activity as the sheaves of wheat are brought by tractor-drawn trailer for later threshing.  Already there are at least two other stacks built, finished, and thatched to keep out the rain.  The sheaves would have been propped together to make “stooks” in the fields until they had dried naturally - a scene that had changed little for several centuries before the advent of combines, with baling for the discarded straw.  Photo supplied by Phil Jacklin and scanned by Ken Jacobs


Winteringham: Earlsgate Farm Stackyard 1950s enlarged section








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