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‘Taking the waters, Winteringham’

Taking the Waters, Marsh Lane, Winteringham

From the Peter Jamieson Collection

Marsh Lane looking south.  The photograph is taken just north of the junction with Western Green, Spring House Cottage being the last house on the right going up the hill.  I assume that the title is taken from the girl (third left) offering a drink to her friend as everyone looks on.

This post card is full of information, village characters and hidden people!  Here’s what we know at the moment!

John Hewitt?

John Hewitt Farmer High Burgage WinteringhamPossibly John Hewitt's son, WinteringhamThe name on the cart starts J HEW... before being hidden by the horse.  This would indicate that it belongs to John Hewitt, who is listed in the 1901 census as a ‘small farmer’ and was based in High Burgage.  In 1901 he was 50 years old, and had a wife, Mary, of 33, and a nephew, George, of 15, living at the same address.  If this photograph was taken at the same time as other post cards (1905/10) ... is the man with the horse John Hewitt himself, and could the little boy in the cart be his son?



The Brumby Family

The Brumby Family of WinteringhamIn the background can be seen three people (blown up here many times at very high resolution - the post card does not show any further details than available here).  These are the Brumby family - Jane, Martha Ann and William - the family of William Brumby.  William, born in Winteringham, fought in the American Civil War, before returning to Winteringham and marrying Jane when well into his sixties!  The family are the subject of a completely separate page - please click here.



Young girls, Marsh Lane WinteringhamThe Oggs?

Young lads, Marsh Lane WinteringhamWorking off the 1901 census, it is possible to make some assumptions, which may well be incorrect!  However, let us put these forward for your consideration.

The 1901 Census, does not list street names such as Western Green, Meggitt Lane, Marsh Lane or Waterside.  These all come under the universal “West End.”

As we know that the family shown above is the Brumbys, we have to assume that the Census enumerator finished those roads known as West End, Meggitt Lane, Shoemaker’s Lane and Western Green and then moved to Marsh Lane, starting at the end of the (now known as) Western Green.

The first house (facing uphill towards the farmyard, and end on to the road, was therefore the residence of Frederick and Seline Brown, with their four daughters and five sons.  They were pedlar hawkers.  Next were the Brumby family - which we know from Marjorie Bratton, granddaughter of Mrs Brumby.  The next cottage down was the home of Martha Everitt, with her daughter and granddaughter, and the house nearer the camera would then be that of Arthur and Eliza Ogg, together with their sons (in 1901) Arthur and Ernest.  Looking above the head of the two girls above, can be seen parts of two faces peeking round the doorway.  Could these be the Oggs?

The farmyard to the right had a tracked system, I assume for hand-pushed trucks to deliver animal feed around the yard, including turntables.

The cottages to the left had a spring, which drained towards the road, and then drained into Haven Drain - but interestingly there appears to be a piped and tapped water supply to the immediate left of the children in this photograph.

A beautiful and evocative picture, kindly supplied by Peter Jamieson.

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