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West End, Winteringham, on old postcards ... with Winteringham boys!

West End, Winteringham, looking east

West End about 1910, looking eastwards.  Have you spotted the two young boys posing for the camera in the grass verge, and the tradesman in the distance?

This photograph is reproduced by kind permission of the North Lincolnshire Council Image Archive. 
It is just one of many views of Winteringham held in the Archive.  To go to the collection, please click the photograph.

West End Winteringham and 5 boys - looking west

Another post card of West End, taken looking in the opposite direction from the one above.  The boys in the photograph are shown in higher detail below - and very smart they look too!

This photograph is reproduced by kind permission of Marjorie Bratton.

The photo scan is ©Ken Jacobs 2005

Five boys in West End Winteringham

West End, Winteringham, coloured postcard

West End looking west from Gate End.  Date unknown.  Can you see the man on the grass verge to the left?

This photograph is reproduced by kind permission of Marjorie Bratton.

The photo scan is ©Ken Jacobs 2005

West End - Gate End Winteringham

This photograph is reproduced by kind permission of Marjorie Bratton.
The photo scan is ©Ken Jacobs 2009

West End, looking towards Gate End, during the winter, showing the Bay Horse, the old Post Office on the right with its old Georgian windows, and the top of Ferry Lane, with Silver Street in the distance.  There are four boys posing for this postcard, two of whom are shown.

West End Boys!  Winteringham

From the postcard it appears that all the buildings are leaning quite badly, but if it is turned through 3 anti-clockwise, we can see that they are all vertical! (See pic below).

West End-Gate End, Winteringham, corrected


Postcard Post Office and Children - enhanced 800w

The postmark on the back of this postcard is October 14th 1907 (you can see the indentations made by the stamp have marked the front of the card top left!).  Some of the small boys outside the Post Office are carrying satchels or cases.  Note how many of the houses have no chimney pots, though the scene would be easily recognised today.

A larger format of this photo, where you can spot more details (and print off a copy for yourself!) may be found on the Hi-Res site, here.





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